About This Journal


Aims and Scope:

Landscapes of Violence(LoV) is a peer reviewed periodical dedicated to fostering a dialogue between scholarly discourses on violence, conflict and trauma in both past and present populations. One of the primary goals of this new journal is to create an inclusive platform designed to reach a broad audience including scientists, academics, policymakers, and the public. To that end, LoV is an open-access journal. Articles will be available to all on the internet, free of charge and without restriction. The objective of LoV is to engage in an interdisciplinary inquiry of the theoretical and empirical issues around the study of violence, conflict, trauma, warfare, and human rights.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

The development of hatred and violence
Being and becoming violent
Rage, anger, hatred and violence
Ideas, images and ideologies of hatred
Violence and the self
Violence, trauma and victimhood
Violence over bodies and psyches
The politics and dialectics of fear and violence
Mental illness, deviance and violence
Societal roots of violence
Inequality, marginalization and injustice
Alienation, isolation, and marginality as roots and consequences of violence
Violence as a social pathology
Social structures and violence or the violence of social structures
Religion, religious institutions, and their role in curtailing or propelling violence
Violence in Families, Communities, and Nations
Domestic violence directed toward families, women, men and children
Community violence directed toward ethnic, minority, and racialised groups
Youth and gang violence
Issues of nationalism, ethnic violence and mass killing
Discourse on violence
Symbolic violence
Views of human nature in the disciplines as naturally violent
Discourse, ethics and legitimacy: When is violence justified?
Education and Violence
Fostering, nurturing, and socialization for violence
Education and violence; educating for violence
The promotion of education and educative strategies
Implications of Violence for Public Policy
Respect and recognition of diversity and radical difference to prevent violence
The creation of the non-violent person
The use of violence to achieve peace (e.g., human/animal rights, resistance movements), anti-globalisation violence, anti-vivisection violence
Violence as resistance to domination

Given the radical changes in the dissemination of information brought about by the internet we have decided not to follow a traditional print format for the LoV. The journal will be published multiple times a year (see "Publication frequency") and will include video and audio formats.

Content Sections

Landscapes of Violence publishes Letters to the Editor, Articles, Reviews, Announcements and we also encourage video and audio submission. See the "Peer Review Process" for information on conditions for publication.