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Collaboration plays a key role in scientific discovery and innovation, driving knowledge production and funding in the sciences, engineering, and technology. However, universities historically reward individual attainment over collaborative engagement. UMass ADVANCE, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), focuses on cultivating faculty equity, inclusion, and success through the power of collaboration to advance the careers of women faculty, including women of color, in science and engineering. This report assesses UMass STEM faculty experiences (collected in a survey described below) related to collaboration in three key areas: (1) research; (2) inclusive community-building; and (3) decision-making. Ultimately, the survey is designed to understand if there is gender and racial equity in the distribution of resources to promote faculty success and inclusion. What is going well for faculty? Do all STEM faculty members have similar and positive experiences with and access to collaboration? Do all STEM faculty have similar and positive experiences regarding inclusion and decision-making? What areas need improvement?

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