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Research collaboraion is closely related to research productivity and career development. The UMass ADVANCE program is funded by the Natonal Science Foundation (NSF). It aims to transform the UMass campus through the power of collaboration, and advance women faculty in STEM, including women faculty who are diverse by race/ethnicity, nationality, sexuality and other measures. Through analyzing data collected in a faculty survey at UMass Amherst, this report examines faculty experiences on three crucial topics: research collaboration, inclusive community, and departmental decision-making, with a focus on STEM faculty. This report further considers how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped faculty experiences. Ultimately, informed by the ADVANCE R3 model4 for supporting faculty collaboration (centering on resources, relationships and recognition), we seek to understand if there is equity in allocating necessary resources, accessing relationships with colleagues, receiving recognition for their work among faculty with diverse identities and from different fields. What are the positive and negative experiences among faculty? What needs to be improved?