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    Climate Change and Modern Education: Preparing for a Sustainable Future
    (2023-01-01) Chakravarty, Poulomi; Gattupalli, Sai; McGinty, Stephen
    Climate change is a global phenomenon that has attracted widespread attention in recent decades due to its profound impact on the environment and society. Although climate change is a phenomenon occurring since the inception of Earth, anthropogenic activities such as fossil fuel consumption due to industrialization, transportation and domestic usage, deforestation and land use changes due to urbanization have accelerated the process. Climate education has become an important part of modern education as it helps raise awareness of the issue and promote behavior of climate consciousness which leads to climate action in a positive direction. The authors highlight the values of interactive and engaging platforms to educate students about climate change and its impacts. The article focuses on origin and implications of climate change education and international and national bodies that have provided an all inclusive curriculum for climate education. The authors argue the need to focus on climate education especially in vulnerable communities to reduce disparities in climate change education to address the climate crisis.