Submissions from 2003

The relationship between sexual assault, religiosity, and mental health among male veterans, Bei-Hung Chang, Katherine M. Skinner, Chunmei Zhou, and Lewis E. Kazis

Queer theory, new millennium, Lisa Henderson

Submissions from 2002

Parental Involvement in Children's Education: Lessons from Three Immigrant Groups, Cynthia Garcia Coll, Daisuke Akiba, Natalia Palacios, Benjamin H. Bailey, Rebecca Silver, Lisa DiMartino, and Cindy Chin

Making a case for media literacy in the curriculum: Outcomes and assessment, Erica Scharrer

The politics of force: Media and the construction of police brutality., Erica Scharrer

Submissions from 1998

Book Review: Doom patrols: A theoretical fiction about postmodernism, Briankle G. Chang

Submissions from 1997

Book Review: The art of the motor, Briankle G. Chang

Submissions from 1995

Putting Mediation in Context, Leda M. Cooks

Submissions from 1994

Book Review: The Transparent Society, Briankle G. Chang

Submissions from 1992

Initiatives and Ownership: HDTV and the Influence of Corporatism in the United States, Jarice Hanson, Thomas J. Conroy, and David Donnelly

Submissions from 1989

Book Review: Technology and Communication Behavior, Jarice Hanson

Submissions from 1984

Microprocesses in the Social Construction of Self, Vernon E. Cronen and W. Barnett Pearce

Submissions from 1983

Book Review: Movies and Money: Financing the American Film Industry, Martin F. Norden

Submissions from 1982

Paradoxes, Double Blinds, and Reflexive Loops: An Alternative Theoretical Perspective, Vernon E. Cronen, Kenneth M. Johnson, and John W. Lannaman

Submissions from 1981

Logical Force in Communication - A Symposium - Response, Vernon E. Cronen and W. Barnett Pearce

Logical Force in Interpersonal Communication: A New Concept of the "Necessity" in Social Behavior, W. Barnett Pearce and Vernon E. Cronen