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Spring 2015

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Historic Black Lives Matter: Archaeology as Activism in the 21st Century
(2015-04-01) Deetz, Kelley F; Chapman, Ellen; Edwards, Ana; Wilayto, Phil
May 19, 2015 would have been Malcolm X’s 90th birthday, and fifty years after his assassination we are still dealing with the ghosts of slavery, Jim Crow, and the manifestations of institutionalized racism. While much progress was made from the Civil Rights Movement, we still have far to go. This past year brought the topics of slavery, civil rights, and racism back into the mainstream. These stories are not new for those of us who work tirelessly to chronicle these historical and contemporary narratives in an attempt to educate the public about Black history. The “New Civil Rights Movement” launched with #Blacklivesmatter campaigns and has drawn international attention to our long and shameful history of racism and violence in the United States. The recent anniversaries offer a revived platform for the “perfect storm” to discuss race and repair. This issue and the current trajectory of ADAN are dedicated to race, archaeology, and activism. Issue 1 is co-authored by Kelley Deetz (Issue 1 ADAN Editor) and Guest Editors Ellen Chapman and Ana Edwards. The Full Issue is in one PDF and contains the articles, commentary and media links related to preservation efforts in Richmond, Virginia.