Analysis of Impediments to Spawning Migrations of Anadromous Fishes in Virginia Rivers: First Quarter Progress Report (Historic and Present Rages of Virginia's Anadromous Fishes)

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Sponsored by the Virginia Highway Research Council, Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation.


spawning, migration, Virginia, transportation, striped bass, bass, American shad, shad, blueback herring, herring, James River, upstream


The historic and present ranges of anadromous alosids and striped bass were determined for three of Virginia's rivers. American shad, blueback herring, and alewives migrated to at least Remington (river mile 188) on the Rappahannock. They ascended the entire length of the York River, reaching at least Milford on the Mattaponi and the entire length of the Pamunkey. The alosids transversed the full length of the James River, reaching above Clifton Forge and Covington. Although striped bass were historically caught in the James as far upstream as Balcony Falls (near Glasgow) and probably as far upstream as shad on the other rivers, it is doubtful that they ever spawned above the fall line on any river. Present ranges for all species are Fredericksburg (Embrey Dam0 on the Rappahannock, unchanged on the York, and Richmond (Bosher Dam) on the James.

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