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French & Francophone Studies

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Master of Arts (M.A.)

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The focus of this thesis is my translation of Le livre qui t'explique enfin tout sur les parents by Françoize Boucher from French into English. Chapter one begins with a brief history and definition of children’s literature, as well as children’s literature in translation. I discuss the subgenre of informational picturebooks—its objectives, characteristics, and current trends. What follows is a short biographic and bibliographic sketch of Françoize Boucher. Then, I discuss the content, format, style, and illustrations of Le livre qui t'explique as well as examine the work’s audience, aims, and values. Finally, I discuss my English translation of the work—providing an overview of the translation strategies and methodologies that I used. Chapter two focuses on specific challenges encountered during the translation process. The chapter begins with the challenge of translating culturally significant topics such as French cultural references, brands, slang, and metric measurements. Then, I discuss the translation of linguistically bound terms such as wordplay, the use of English in a French text, and onomatopoeia. Finally, I discuss the translation of taboo subjects. Chapter three is my complete English-language translation: The Book That Finally Explains About Your Parents.

First Advisor

Regina Galasso

Second Advisor

William Moebius

Third Advisor

Philippe Baillargeon