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Young Bae Kim is an Associate Professor at North Shore Community College, and also serves as the coordinator for the Biotechnology Program. He is a molecular cell biologist by training and teaches many courses in biological science areas. He has been an OER advocate and generated many his own no/low-cost educational materials over the last several years. He has also switched a science major’s biology course to a no/low-cost course using his own materials and other available OER materials.

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In a demanding and high-stakes biology course, a small flaw of the course materials could have a big impact on the satisfaction of students and the course evaluation as a result. An instructor who created a no/low-cost science course discusses his experience and lessons from it.

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31-5-2018 1:05 PM


May 31st, 1:05 PM

Lessons in Adopting OER in a Biology Course


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