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Dementia, Caregiver, Nursing Home


Kalpana Poudel Tandukar, PhD., MPH., MPHC., CGM


Background: Inadequate training of dementia care providers in nursing homes lead to adverse health outcomes in patients with dementia.

Purpose: To educate and train dementia caregivers in a nursing home to improve dementia care.

Methods: A Quality Improvement Project (QIP) was implemented in a nursing home with nine nurses engaged in two virtual education group sessions led by the DNP student over an eight- week timeframe. Topics discussed included education on the nature and progress of dementia, building trust with dementia patients, managing their behavior, communication strategies, and self-care. Pre-training and post-training surveys were completed prior to the start of the education session and after completing the education session.

Results: The post-training surveys revealed that 60% more participants rated their overall knowledge of dementia and competency in building trust with their dementia patients as excellent, 20% more rated themselves as excellent in managing behaviors, and 60% more rated themselves as excellent in communication skills and 70% more rated themselves in the domain of self-care after the educational sessions. Analysis of the survey results further demonstrated a strong agreement by 89% that dementia training was excellent. Additional findings from the surveys concluded that dementia caregivers need to engage in self-care to improve their individual well-being, making them better caregivers who are confident with patient care.

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