Submissions from 2024


The Effect of Judicial Decisions on Issue Salience and Legal Consciousness in Media Serving the LGBTQ+ Community, Christine M. Bailey, Paul M. Collins Jr., Jesse H. Rhodes, and Douglas Rice

Submissions from 2017


Rethinking Compassion: Toward a Political Account of the Partisan Gender Gap in the US, Scott Blinder and Meredith Rolfe

Submissions from 2001

The federal appointments process: A constitutional and historical analysis, S Goldman

Clinton's judges - Summing up the legacy, S Goldman, E Slotnick, G Gryski, and G Zuk

Submissions from 1999

Creatures of prometheus: Gender and the politics of technology., B Cruikshank

Feminism and punishment, B Cruikshank

Picking judges under fire, S Goldman and E Slotnick

Submissions from 1996

The global commons: A regime analysis - Vogler,J, MJ Peterson

Civic nationalism: Oxymoron?, N Xenos