Author Bios (50 Words)

Dr. Huili Hao works at the Center for Sustainability, East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. Her research interests include impact of second home and tourism development, sustainability, Community sense of place, and sustainable brownfield redevelopment. Dr. Hao is also interested in applying spatial techniques to her research projects.

Dr. Patrick Long is the Director of Center for Sustainability, East Carolina University. His research focuses on tourism planning strategies, sustainable practices in tourism, community development and resource conservation, host community adjustments to tourism development, and impact of climate change on tourism businesses.

Marlise Taylor is Research Director for the North Carolina Division of Tourism. Marlise is currently chairman of the board of the Travel and Tourism Research Association. She received her BS in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management and her MS in Tourism Research from North Carolina State University.



Sustainable Practices and Barriers: Tourism Entities’ Perspectives