Author Bios (50 Words for each Author)

Dr. Suh-hee Choi is invited assistant professor at IFT, Macau. She taught in universities in the United States, China, and South Korea. She previously worked for National Geographic Korean edition, Gyeonggi Research Institute, and Seoul National University. Her research interests are place branding, tourist experience, and tourism marketing.

Dr. Hyun-jeong Cho is senior researcher at the Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology, Seoul National University. She worked for the Seoul Institute and Gyeonggi Research Institute in the city marketing and tourism plan & policies. She is interested in spatial cognition and visitors’ cognitive mapping through internet map.

Dr. Liping A. Cai is professor and director of Purdue Tourism and Hospitality Research Center. His scholarly portfolio includes 200+ peer-reviewed papers in tourism consumers, destination and tourism branding, and rural tourism. He is recognized as the originator of a destination brand model that supports collaborative tourism for rural communities.



Interface of Country Affective Image and Its Tourism: Evidence from Chinese and South Koreans