About This Journal

Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions in three categories: essays or book reviews based on secondary sources, essays based on primary sources, and miscellaneous historical reflections. Essay submissions must be historical, academic pieces with a clear thesis, analysis and support. But for historical reflections, we also encourage students to submit reflective writing pieces on the study of history, or what history means to them. This section of the journal is particularly open-ended to students. You may submit pieces that were assigned as part of coursework or essays done independently if they fit the academic criteria.

Review Process

Upon receiving each submission, the editorial board will decide on the appropriateness of the piece for the journal and will then solicit feedback from an outside reviewer. The author’s name and identifying information will be removed from the submission to allow the reviewer to concentrate only on the content. Based upon the feedback from the outside reviewer, whose identifying information will remain unknown to the author, the editorial board will decide whether to publish the piece. We will then send a notification to the author, indicating that their article will 1) be published as is; 2) require minor revisions; 3) require major revisions; 4) not be published in the journal at this time.