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Honors Thesis/Project Advisor for this Particular Submission:

Kathleen A. Brown-Perez

UMass Amherst


Census trends have made the link between salary and the level and quality of education very clear. Education is guaranteed to American Indians by the federal government through the trust relationship. There is, however, a gap in the achievement of students in schools on American Indian reservations and in national averages. Citing government documents, scholarly journals, and published books from experts on American Indian education, this paper argues that this achievement gap not only exists, but that it can also be largely attributed to the underfunding of American Indian schools, as well as a classroom atmosphere that does not account for American Indian culture. Increased funding can improve education on American Indian reservations; this can be achieved by amending certain pieces of federal legislation and through the inclusion of more culture in the classroom. This paper argues language and cultural can be included by providing teacher training workshops for new teachers.