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    Dialogue as Renounced Aggression: JMI and the Case of AOM's President's Response to EO13769
    (2019-01-01) Stackman, Richard W.; de Holan, Pablo Martin; Argyres, Nicholas; Cabral, Sandro; Moliterno, Thomas P.; Stoner, James; Walsh, James P.
    Dialogue and debate are at the core of the social sciences. In this piece, the Journal of Management Inquiry(JMI) editors-in-chief discuss their position and decisions pertaining to the publication of Professor Anita McGahan’s response to Professor Hardimos Tsoukas. A key decision—given JMI’s commitment to dialogue and exchange in its scholarly form—included publishing three curated pieces where renowned scholars applied their scholarly voice and expertise to McGahan’s historical narrative. To conclude this piece and the entire Editors’ Choice collection, five scholars speak to needed qualitative research standards or address McGahan’s leadership directly. Specific corrections to Tsoukas are also provided.
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    Gender Faultline Strength on Boards of Directors and Strategic Change: The Role of Environmental Conditions
    (2021-01-01) Wu, Jie; del Carmen Triana, María; Richard, Orlando C.; Yu, Luman
    Drawing on the notion of “faultlines” and the upper echelons perspective, we argue that the gender faultline strength of a board of directors is negatively related to strategic change. More interestingly, while gender faultline strength negatively relates to strategic change under low levels of environmental complexity, environmental dynamism, and environmental munificence, it is positively related to strategic change when environmental complexity, environmental dynamism, and environmental munificence are at high levels. The analyses of panel data of 5781 firm-year observations of 1171 Chinese firms provide support for the hypotheses.