Submissions from 1983

Assessment of Beaverlodge fishway during the 1983 spring spawning migration, T Schwakem, T Clermont, and D G. Schroeder

1983 Annual Fish Passage Report: Columbia and SNake River Projects, U.S.Army Engineer Districts Portland and Walla Walla

Hydraulic Model Study: Fish Passage Facility at Wilder Dam, D K. White and J Larsen

Submissions from 1982

Movements of Adult American Shad (Alosa sapidissima) in the Holyoke Dam Tailrace During their Spawning Migration: Final Report to Northeast Utilities, T Barry and B Kynard

A Guide to Stream Habitat Analysis Using the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology, K D. Bovee

The swimming speed of adult pink salmon, (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha), at 20°C and a comparison with sockeye salmon (O. nerka), J R. Brett

Fish mortality in Francis turbines, N H. Collins and C P. Ruggles

Determine walleye spawning movements in Pool 8 of the Mississippi River, J A. Holzer and K A. Von Ruden


Potential Effects of Kaplan, Ossberger, and Bulb Turbines on Anadromous Fishes of the Northeast United States, W E. Knapp, B Kynard, and S P. Gloss

An ex-post benefit-cost analysis of the Meziadin fishway, K Lam

Operation and Maintenance of Connecticut Fishways and Adult Atlantic Salmon Holding Facility: Annual Performance Report, P Minta, S Gephard, T Becker, and V Van Nostrand

A Guidance Manual for the Input of Biological Information to Water Intake Structure Design, D A. Neitzel, M A. Simmons, and D H. McKenzie

Effectiveness of a Hidrostal Pump and Transport System in the Live Transfer of Fish, P H. Patrick

Responses of Fish to Air Bubble Barriers, P H. Patrick

Responses of Gizzard Shad (Dorosoma cepedianum) To Different Flash Characteritics of Strobe Light, P H. Patrick

Passage of juvenile chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, and American shad, Alosa sapidissima, through various trashrack bar spacings, H H. Reading

Anadromous Fish in the Southeastern United States and Recommendations for Development of a Management Plan, R A. Rulifson, M T. Huish, and R W. Thoesen

Adult salmonid sampling program at the Kakweikem River fishway, British Columbia, T L. Slaney and M P. Milko

Hydraulic and Biological Model Evaluation of Angled Screen Intake for the Indian Point Generating Station Units 2 and 3, Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation and Alden Research Laboratory

Evaluation of prairie fishways, R J. Tomich, L M. Jaremovic, and G O. Stewart

Experimental Testing of Kokanee (Oncorhynchus nerka) Passage in an Aeroceanics Spiral Fishway at Meadow Creek, British Columbia, C D. Tredger

1982 Annual Fish Passage Report: Columbia and Snake River Projects, U.S.Army Engineer Districts Portland and Walla Walla

Hydraulic Model Study: Fish Passage Facility at Bellows Falls, Vermont, D K. White and J Larsen

Submissions from 1981

Laboratory Evaluation of Fish Protective Devices at Intakes, Alden Research Laboratory and Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation

Small Scale Hydro: Environmental Assessment of Small Hydroelectric Development at Existing Sites in California., California Energy Commission

Hydropower sites of the United States developed and undeveloped, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Results of Fisheries Investigations: Twin Lakes, Colorado 1973-76., L M. Finnell

Hydroelectric Operation at the River Basin Level: Research Needs to Include Ecological Issues in Basin-Level Hydropower Planning, S G. Hildebrand and L B. Goss

Fish count data at Beechwood Dam fish-collection facilities, 1972-76, J H. Ingram

A Laboratory Study of Denil Fishways, C Katopodis and N Rajaratnam

Studies of the Effects of Operating the Mt. Elbert Pumped Storage Powerplant on Twin Lakes, Colorado: 1980 Report of Findings., J F. LaBounty and J J. Sartoris

Analysis of Environmental Issues Related to Small-Scale Hydroelectric Development V. Instream Flow Needs for Fishery Resources, J M. Loar and M J. Sale

Aquatic Habitat Studies on the Lower Mississippi River, River Mile 480 to 530, A C. Miller

The Relative Abundance of Opossum Shrimp, Mysis relicta, in Twin Lakes, Colorado using a Benthic Trawl., T P. Nesler

Twin Lakes Studies: A Characterization of the Twin Lakes Fishery via Creel Census with an Evaluation of Potential Effects of Pumped-Storage Power Generation, T P. Nesler

Responses of Fish to Diversion Barriers, P H. Patrick

Fish mortality as a function of the hydraulic properties of turbines, C P. Ruggles and N H. Collins

Fish mortality as a function of spillway characteristics, C P. Ruggles, D G. Murray, and T M. Humes

Biological Evaluation of a Modified Traveling Screen, Mystic Station--Unit No. 7, Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation

Evaluation of a free-fall apparatus for downstream passage of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar), R K. Sweeney and R J. Rutherford

Conservation of freshwater fishes and artifical constructions over the river at Shiretoko Peninsula, G Takahashi

1981 Annual Fish Passage Report: Columbia and Snake River Projects, U.S.Army Engineer Districts Portland and Walla Walla

Effect of reservoir releases on tailwater ecology: A literature review, C H. Walburg, J F. Novotny, K E. Jacobs, W D. Swink, T M. Campbell, J M. Nestler, and G E. Saul

Water Quality of the Proposed Norden Reservoir, Nebraska, and its Implications for Fishery Management., J Yahnke

Submissions from 1980

Analysis of Environmental Issues Related to Small Scale Hydroelectric Development II: Design Considerations for Passing Fish Upstream Around Dams, M C. Bell, J J. Anderson, E P. Richey, and Z E. Parkhurst

Pre- and postspawning movements of walleye, (Stizostedion vitreum vitreum), in Southern Indian Lake, R A. Bodaly

Air-Water Flow in Hydraulic Structures, H T. Falvey

Cooling Water Intake Screening Devices Used to Reduce Entrainment and Impingement, E S. Fritz

Strategy for Assessing Impacts of Power Plants on Fish and Shellfish Populations, E S. Fritz, P J. Rago, and I P. Murarka

Capture and Distribution of Atlantic Salmon and Other Species at Mactaquac Dam and Hatchery, Saint John River, N.B., 1972-76, J H. Ingram

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Threadfin shad impingement: Effect of cold stress, R B. McLean, P T. Singley, J S. Griffith, and M V. McGee

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A Review of the Downstream Migration of Atlantic Salmon, C P. Ruggles

Modular innovations in upstream fish passage, J Truebe and M Drooker

1980 Annual Fish Passage Report: Columbia and Snake River Projects, U.S.Army Engineer Districts Portland and Walla Walla

A Summary of Instream Flow Methods for Fisheries and Related Research Needs, T A. Wesche and P A. Rechard

Hydrologic Data of the Coastal Drainage Basins of Southeastern Massachusetts, Northwest Shore of Buzzards Bay, J R. Williams, R E. Willey, and G D. Tasker