Submissions from 1999


Biological Performance Tests of East Fork Irrigation District's Sand Trap and Fish Screen Facility - Phase I, 1999, James W. Buell PhD

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Dam Removal Success Stories, Friends of the Earth, American Rivers, and Trout Unlimited

Engineering Evaluation of the Red Bluff Research Pumping Plant on the Sacramento River in Northern California: 1995-1998, K H. Frizell and S P. Atkinson

Passage of American shad at Turners Falls fishways: PIT tag evaluation 1999, A Haro, T Castro-Santos, and C Koch

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Fish Passage Plan for Corps of Engineers Projects: 1999, U.S.Army Corps of Engineers Northwest Division

A Progress Report of Investigations and Research on Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeon in Maryland Waters of the Chesapeake Bay (1996-1998), S A. Welsh, J E. Skjeveland, and M F. Mangold

Eel and Elver Progress Report, G Wippelhauser, F Kircheis, J McCleave, J Moring, K Oliveira, M Cieri, L Daniels, and M Gallagher

Submissions from 1998

Migrational characteristics of juvenile spring and fall Chinook salmon and steelhead in the forebay of Lower Granite Dam relative to the 1997 SBC collector tests, N Adams, D Rondorf, and M Tuell

Evaluation of fish behavioural barriers, S V. Amaral, F C. Winchell, B J. McMahon, and E P. Taft

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Maryland Eels Population Study: Completion Report, Project 3-ACA-026, J A. Weeder

Submissions from 1997

Verhaltensbeobachtungen zur Abwanderung von Aalen (Anguilla anguilla) und Lachsen (Salmo salar) unter Laborbedingungen, B Adam, U Schwevers, and C Gumpinger

Development of a more fish tolerant turbine runner, Alden Research Laboratory

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Using Sound to Modify Fish Behavior at Power-Production and Water Control Facilities: A Workshop. Phase II - Final Report, Bonneville Power Administration

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Development of biological criteria for the design of advanced hydropower turbines, G F. Cada, C C. Coutant, and R R. Whiteny

Fish locomotion and hydrodynamics, T Castro-Santos

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Mark/Recapture Experiments at Clifton Court Forebay to Estimate Pre-Screening Loss to Juvenile Fishes: 1976-1993, M Gingras

A Telemetry Study of Striped Bass Emigration from Clifton Court Forebay: Implications for Predator Enumeration and Control, M Gingras and M McGee

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Downstream passage for salmon at hydroelectric projects in the Columbia river basin: Development, installation, and evaluation, R R. Whitney, L D. Calvin, M W. Erho, and C C. Coutant

Submissions from 1996

The removal of small dams: An institutional analysis of the Wisconsin experience, S M. Born, T L. Filbert, K D. Genskow, N Hernandez-Mora, M L. Keefer, and K A. White

Elver Collection and Transfer Programme Karapiro Dam 1995-96, J Boubee and R Barrier

Feasibility study of an eel (Anguilla rostrata) ladder at the Beauharnois power station, D Desrochers

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Fish survival investigation relative to turbine rehabilitation at Wanapum Dam, Columbia River, Washington, Normandeau Associates, Inc. and J R. Skalski

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