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Transformation of Kabul Based Universities from Using Classic Content Management System to Web Content Management System: Key Issues and Challenges

The aim of this research is to find problems and challenges resulted from using classic content management system and replacing it with Web Content Management System in Kabul based universities. The study will find answer to the following questions: Do stated universities have necessary facilities such as electricity, computers, projectors, LCD, and the Internet? Are deans of faculties, chairs of departments, directors of student affairs, and students of these universities ready to use WCMS? What are the main problems and challenges that classic content management system has resulted yet? Finally, which of these two stated systems are most cost-effective, quick, efficient, and more reliable for universities to use? In order to find answers to the above questions, the research used mixed (qualitative and quantitative) method. I collected data through literature review, interviews, and questionnaires. The results indicate that majority of instructors, directors of student affairs, and students agree that classic content management system is unable to fulfill their needs; therefore, it would be better to replace it with a Web Content Management System. It is important that all necessary equipment which WCMS needs be provided before converting CCMS to WCMS. A Content Management System is faster, efficient, economical, and more reliable than CCMS. They responded that WCMS is a better system to fulfill most needs of universities stakeholders. Currently, most of universities have access to electricity and computers, but they do not have reliable access to the Internet. Some universities have access to slow internet which takes minutes and even hours to open a simple web page. Therefore, it is important that before introducing new and modern system, all necessary equipment should be provided to these universities.