Submissions from 2005

Conditional mixing statistics in a self-similar scalar mixing layer, SM de Bruyn Kops and M Mortensen

An experimental investigation of the influence of gas and solid particle interaction on the heat transfer effectiveness of a failing-bed heat exchanger, MJ Frain, DP Schmidt, and WA Fiveland

Beamline electrostatic levitator for in situ high energy x-ray diffraction studies of levitated solids and liquids, AK Gangopadhyay, GW Lee, KF Kelton, JR Rogers, AI Goldman, DS Robinson, TJ Rathz, and RW Hyers

The cooling history of meteoritic metal, JI Goldstein

Ontologies for supporting engineering analysis models, IR Grosse, JM Milton-Benoit, and JC Wileden

Synchronization of TCP flows in networks with small Droptail buffers, H Han, CV Hollot, D Towsley, and Y Chait

Fluid flow effects in levitated droplets, RW Hyers

Ontologies and fine-grained control over sharing of engineering modeling knowledge in a web based engineering environment, N Kanuri, IR Grosse, JC Wileden, and WS Chiang

OmcF, a putative c-type monoheme outer membrane cytochrome required for the expression of other outer membrane cytochromes in Geobacter sulfurreducens, BC Kim, C Leang, YHR Ding, RH Glaven, MV Coppi, and DR Lovley

Role of Ti in the formation of Zr-Ti-Cu-Ni-Al glasses, TH Kim, AK Gangopadhyay, LQ Xing, GW Lee, YT Shen, KF Kelton, AI Goldman, RW Hyers, and JR Rogers

In situ high-energy X-ray diffraction study of the local structure of supercooled liquid Si, TH Kim, GW Lee, B Sieve, AK Gangopadhyay, RW Hyers, TJ Rathz, JR Rogers, DS Robinson, KF Kelton, and AI Goldman

STEM and SEM X-Ray spectral imaging with multivariate statistical analysis: Application to the microanalysis of meteorites, PG Kotula, MR Keenan, JI Goldstein, and P Carpenter

Link between liquid structure and the nucleation barrier for icosahedral quasicrystal, polytetrahedral, and simple crystalline phases in Ti-Zr-Ni alloys: Verification of Frank's hypothesis, GW Lee, AK Gangopadhyay, TK Croat, TJ Rathz, RW Hyers, JR Rogers, and KF Kelton

Characterization of a thermoacidophilic L-arabinose isomerase from Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius: Role of Lys-269 in pH optimum, SJ Lee, DW Lee, EA Choe, YH Hong, SB Kim, BC Kim, and YR Pyun

Mechanics of delamination of a brittle coating strip on a brittle substrate, SV Nair and IR Grosse

Eddy collision models for turbulence, B Perot and C Chartrand

Modeling return to isotropy using kinetic equations, B Perot and C Chartrand

Using eye movements to evaluate effects of driver age on risk perception in a driving simulator, AK Pradhan, KR Hammel, R DeRamus, A Pollatsek, DA Noyce, and DL Fisher

Comparison of the performance of four measure-correlate-predict algorithms, AL Rogers, JW Rogers, and JF Manwell

Calcium phosphate based ceramics via spinodal decmoposition, M SanSoucie and RW Hyers

Guide signing for two-lane exits with an option lane - Evaluation of human factors, J Upchurch, DL Fisher, and B Waraich

Adaptive method of helicopter track and balance, SD Wang, K Danai, and M Wilson

A probability-based approach to helicopter rotor tuning, SD Wang, K Danai, and M Wilson

Life prediction of batteries for selecting the technically most suitable and cost effective battery, H Wenzl, I Baring-Gould, R Kaiser, BY Liaw, P Lundsager, J Manwell, A Ruddell, and V Svoboda

Metallographic cooling rate of the IIIAB magmatic iron meteorites, J Yang and JI Goldstein

The formation of the Widmanstatten structure in meteorites, J Yang and JI Goldstein

Study on squeezing flow during nonisothermal embossing of polymer microstructures, D Yao, VL Virupaksha, and B Kim

Submissions from 2004

Fundamental properties of reset control systems, O Beker, CV Hollot, Y Chait, and H Han

Reynolds and Froude number scaling in stably-stratified flows, SM de Bruyn Kops, JJ Riley, and KB Winters

Continuous optimal infeed control for cylindrical plunge grinding, part 1: Methodology, SQ Dong, K Danai, and S Malkin

Continuous optimal infeed control for cylindrical plunge grinding, part 2: Controller design and implementation, SQ Dong, K Danai, and S Malkin

Signing two-lane freeway exits with an option through lane in extreme conditions - Anatomy of drivers' behavior, DL Fisher, J Upchurch, A Pradhan, H Mehranian, and M Romoser

TCP networks stabilized by buffer-based AQMs, H Han, CV Hollot, Y Chait, and V Misra

Surface tension and viscosity of quasicrystal-forming Ti-Zr-Ni alloys, RW Hyers, RC Bradshaw, JR Rogers, TJ Rathz, GW Lee, AK Gangopadhyay, and KF Kelton

Convection in containerless processing, RW Hyers, DM Matson, KF Kelton, and JR Rogers

Characterization of a thermostable L-arabinose (D-galactose) isomerase from the hyperthermophilic eubacterium Thermotoga maritima, DW Lee, HJ Jang, EA Choe, BC Kim, SJ Lee, SB Kim, YH Hong, and YR Pyun

Difference in icosahedral short-range order in early and late transition metal liquids, GW Lee, AK Gangopadhyay, KF Kelton, RW Hyers, TJ Rathz, JR Rogers, and DS Robinson

Development of wind energy systems for New England islands, JF Manwell and JG McGowan

Contrasting electrostatic and electromagnetic levitation experimental results for transformation kinetics of steel alloys, DM Matson, DJ Fair, RW Hyers, and JR Rogers

Capacitated multicommodity network flow problems with piecewise linear concave costs, A Muriel and FN Munshi

Laminar drag reduction in microchannels using ultrahydrophobic surfaces, J Ou, B Perot, and JP Rothstein

A model for the dissipation rate tensor in inhomogeneous and anisotropic turbulence, B Perot and S Natu


Three-dimensional simulations of self-assembly of hut shaped Si-Ge quantum dots, Ashwin Ramasubramaniam and V. Shenoy

Reducing grid dependency in droplet collision modeling, DP Schmidt and CJ Rutland

The Hera near-Earth asteroid sample return mission: science requirements of the sample collector, DWG Sears, CC Allen, MS Bell, D Bogard, D Britt, DE Brownlee, C Chapman, BC Clark, R Dissley, MA Franzen, J Goldstein, K Nishiizumi, L Nyquist, CM Pieters, D Scheeres, ERD Scott, and A Treiman

Magnetic contribution to the interdiffusion coefficients in Bcc (alpha) and Fcc (gamma) Fe-Ni alloys, J Yang and JI Goldstein

Metallographic cooling rate methods: Applicability to specific temperature ranges during cooling, J Yang and JI Goldstein

Scaling issues in miniaturization of injection molded parts, DG Yao and B Kim

Submissions from 2003

Large-eddy simulation of a reacting scalar mixing layer with arrhenius chemistry, SM de Bruyn Kops and JJ Riley

Laminar-turbulent transition in an electromagnetically levitated droplet, RW Hyers, G Trapaga, and B Abedian

First x-ray scattering studies on electrostatically levitated metallic liquids: Demonstrated influence of local icosahedral order on the nucleation barrier, KF Kelton, GW Lee, AK Gangopadhyay, RW Hyers, TJ Rathz, JR Rogers, MB Robinson, and DS Robinson

Design and realization of a portable data logger for physiological sensing, R Luharuka, RX Gao, and S Krishnamurty

A moving unstructured staggered mesh method for the simulation of incompressible free-surface flows, B Perot and R Nallapati

Ordinary chondrite metallography: Part 1. Fe-Ni taenite cooling experiments, RJ Reisener and JI Goldstein

Ordinary chondrite metallography: Part 2. Formation of zoned and unzoned metal particles in relatively unshocked H, L, and LL chondrites, RJ Reisener and JI Goldstein

Dynamics of turbulence strongly influenced by buoyancy, JJ Riley and SM de Bruyn Kops

A year 2000 summary of offshore wind development in the United States, AL Rogers, JF Manwell, and JG McGowan

An economic design change method, C Roser, D Kazmer, and J Rinderle

Transient multidimensional modeling of air-blast atomizers, DP Schmidt, LM Chiappetta, GM Goldin, and RK Madabhushi

Steps toward building mathematical and computer models from cognitive task analyses, R Schweickert, DL Fisher, and RW Proctor

Tutoring 3-dimensional visual skills: Dynamic adaptation to cognitive level, B Woolf, M Romoser, D Bergeron, and D Fisher

Developing rapid heating and cooling systems using pyrolytic graphite, DG Yao and B Kim

Submissions from 2002

Dynamic analysis of congested TCP networks, Y Chait, CV Hollot, V Misra, HZ Han, and Y Halevi

Analysis of an exact fractional step method, W Chang, F Giraldo, and B Perot

Effective zero-inventory-ordering policies for the single-warehouse multiretailer problem with piecewise linear cost structures, LMA Chan, A Muriel, ZJM Shen, D Simchi-Levi, and CP Teo

On the effectiveness of zero-inventory-ordering policies for the economic lot-sizing model with a class of piecewise linear cost structures, LMA Chan, A Muriel, ZJ Shen, and D Simchi-Levi

Direct interface tracking of droplet deformation, MZ Dai, HS Wang, JB Perot, and DP Schmidt

Drivers' understanding of overhead freeway exit guide signs - Evaluation of alternatives with an advanced fixed-base driving simulator, A Dutta, R Carpenter, DA Noyce, SA Duffy, and DL Fisher

Use of a fixed-base driving simulator to evaluate the effects of experience and PC-based risk awareness training on drivers' decisions, DL Fisher, NE Laurie, R Glaser, K Connerney, A Pollatsek, SA Duffy, and J Brock

Risk attitude reversals in drivers' route choice when range of travel time information is provided, KV Katsikopoulos, Y Duse-Anthony, DL Fisher, and SA Duffy

Airport terminal signs - Use of advance guide signs to speed search times, R Kichhanagari, RD Motley, SA Duffy, and DL Fisher

Microcontroller-based data logger for physiological sensing, R Luharuka, RX Gao, and S Krishnamurty

An offshore wind resource assessment study for New England, JF Manwell, AL Rogers, JG McGowan, and BH Bailey

Application of the turbulent potential model to complex flows, B Perot, S Are, and C Wang

Design requirements for medium-sized wind turbines for remote and hybrid power systems, AL Rogers, JF Manwell, JG McGowan, and AF Ellis

Freeway guide sign design with driving simulator for Central Artery-Tunnel - Boston, Massachusetts, J Upchurch, D Fisher, RA Carpenter, and A Dutta

Prediction of turbulent transition in boundary layers using the turbulent potential model, C Wang and B Perot

Development of rapid heating and cooling systems for injection molding applications, DG Yao and B Kim

Increasing flow length in thin wall injection molding using a rapidly heated mold, DG Yao and B Kim

Simulation of the filling process in micro channels for polymeric materials, DG Yao and B Kim

Accuracy and conservation properties of a three-dimensional unstructured staggered mesh scheme for fluid dynamics, X Zhang, D Schmidt, and B Perot

Submissions from 2001

Plant with integrator: An example of reset control overcoming limitations of linear feedback, O Beker, CV Hollot, and Y Chait

Eliminating flow induced birefringence and minimizing thermally induced residual stresses in injection molded parts, M Chen, DG Yao, and B Kim

Optimization of process conditions in gas-assisted injection molding, M Chen, DG Yao, and B Kim

Analysis of reset control systems consisting of a FORE and second-order loop, Q Chen, Y Chait, and CV Hollot

Nonlinear state estimation by adaptive embedded RBF modules, CG Gan and K Danai

Nonlinear stability analysis for a class of TCP/AQM networks, CV Hollot and Y Chait

The metallographic cooling rate method revised: Application to iron meteorites and mesosiderites, WD Hopfe and JI Goldstein

Formal requirements of Markov state models for paired associate learning, KV Katsikopoulos and DL Fisher

Experimental evaluation of policies for sequencing the presentation of associations, KV Katsikopoulos, DL Fisher, and SA Duffy

Status of offshore wind energy in the United States, JF Manwell, AL Rogers, and JG McGowan

On selecting sensor and actuator locations for ANC in ducts, V Toochinda, CV Hollot, and Y Chait

A single-input two-output feedback formulation for ANC problems, V Toochinda, T Klawitter, CV Hollott, and Y Chait

Learning-based preference modeling in engineering design decision-making, J Wan and S Krishnamurty

A knowledge-based tuning method for injection molding machines, DZ Yang, K Danai, and D Kazmer