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About This Journal

Since its inception in 1994, mOthertongue's mission has been to celebrate the variety of voices that can be found around the University of Massachusetts Amherst and neighboring colleges of the Pioneer Valley. We focus on original works that portray the beauty of language and multiculturalism, or simply give our readers another way to see the world. All perspectives are welcome because all perspectives are needed!

mOthertongue's strength has always been in its diversity. In its twenty year history, mOthertongue has hosted a variety of voices within its pages: Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Latin, Bulgarian, Kichwa, Tamil, Java, C++, and many more! Additionally, mOthertongue has proudly played host to student art and photography from a wide range of styles and genres, often with a multicultural focus.

While associated with the Comparative Literature program and the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Culture, mOthertongue is run entirely by students and for students of this community. We encourage all students -- grads and undergrads from UMass and the Five Colleges -- to lend us their voices as well as their ears. With community behind us, mOthertongue will flourish for years to come.