Aims & Scope

About the name

The somewhat odd capitalization in the journal's name, "mOthertongue," is no mere typo -- in fact, it signifies a large part of our mission.

In one sense, it evokes the term "mother tongue," or first language. We seek to provide the opportunity for students from non-English speaking backgrounds a way to express themselves and their culture in their own words. In this way, mOthertongue provides a platform for expression as well as a chance to be exposed to new languages and cultures one may never have otherwise come across.

Additionally, mOthertongue's title evokes the phrase "other tongue," highlighting the value of language learning. It is not just native speakers who can contribute to mOthertongue -- we encourage anyone who is taking on the challenge of another language to try their hand at self-expression. By exploring another tongue, students are often exploring a whole new way of thinking. We hope that our journal will encourage such explorations through displaying the fruits of such journeys alongside works from native speakers.