Volume 25 (2020)

2020 has been an unusual year. It has been sad to have to postpone all our exciting plans, to not see friends, and to not share space with others. Despite all these unexpected disruptions, we can still find a trace of connectedness through our appreciation for literature and the arts. We are pleased to bring the 25th issue of mOthertongue into life. We believe that cultural humility and a shared understanding of humanity are vital, which is what mOthertongue aims to encourage.

This journal celebrates a variety of languages and cultures. We are honored to present to you marvelous works from writers, artists, and craftspeople within our Five College community. Each of them tells a unique story, and each of them contributes to the inclusive yet distinct voice of mOthertongue. Besides the value of creativity, this journal also acknowledges the worth of translation by presenting translations in different languages with the original work. We hope that you will find a piece that speaks specifically to you.

Thank you to all who have enriched this journal with their ideas and colors. Thank you to our faculty advisor and the language editors who have stayed with us along the way. Thank you, dear readers, for reinvigorating this journal with passion and curiosity.

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Zihan Guo
Editorial Board
Zoë Wjsleta Baker
Sophie Haras
Anne Lizette Sta Maria
Editorial Advisors
French - Jeremi Szaniawski & Nefeli Zervoudaki
Spanish - María Soledad Barbon & Manuel Antonio Paradela Maceiras
German - María Soledad Barbon & Manuel Antonio Paradela Maceiras
Japanese - Yuko Takahashi
Faculty Advisor
Corine Tachtiris