Jul 30th, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM


Different Gender-based Roles on Cooperation: Integrating differentiated leader member exchanges, communication, and trust in hotel organizations


Denver, Colorado USA


This study aims to discover how the relationship between leader-members exchange (LMX) differentiation and cooperation can be moderated by the different gender-based roles. Different gender-based roles are investigated through communication, trust, and perceived fairness in this study. Specifically, this paper proposes that male employees/leaders will less care about (LMX) differentiation, due to their task-oriented characteristics, than female employees/leaders, who are more relationship-oriented. In addition, male employees/leaders are likely to develop cognition-based trust; whereas, female employees/leaders tend to build affective-based trust. Furthermore, this study predicts female employees/leaders represent more cooperation when they are involved with participation throughout the process.