About This Journal

The Warring States Project

is a research institute, founded in 1993 within the College of Humanities and Fine Arts at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst to provide an institutional home for the researches of Bruce and Taeko Brooks into the classical Chinese texts. Beginning in that year, the Project distributed several hundred Notes and Queries within a group called the Warring States Working Group, and sponsored a series of Conferences at which some members of that Group met and presented papers in real time. In 1997 the Project created an electronic counterpart of that dialogue, in the Warring States Workshop (WSW) and several more specialized E-mail lists. Over the years, the Project has become an international focus for leading edge scholarship on the Chinese classical period. Its interests also include comparable philological problems in Hindu and Buddhist Indian texts, and in classical and Biblical Greek.

Warring States Papers

makes selected portions of this work available in a conveniently citable form. The first volume, with cover date 2010, will be available in February 2011; v2 (cover date 2011) is scheduled to appear in June 2011. Further volumes will follow annually. Individual volumes may be ordered from the journal's distributor, the University of Massachusetts Press. Sample pages from the current volume are available at the Project site, where orders may be placed for print volumes. Full contents of out-of-print volumes are available at this site.