Submissions from 2014

Feasibility of tracking fish with acoustic transmitters in the Ice Harbor Dam tailrace, J M. Ingraham, Z D. Deng, J J. Martinez, Bradly Trumbo, R P. Mueller, and M A. Weiland

Submissions from 2013

A field evaluation of an external and neutrally buoyant acoustic transmitter for juvenile salmon: implications for estimating hydroturbine passage survival, R S. Brown, Z D. Deng, K V. Cook, B D. Pflugrath, X Li, T Fu, J J. Martinez, H Li, Bradly Trumbo, M L. Ahmann, and A G. Seaburg

Improving Hydroturbine Pressures to Enhance Salmon Passage Survival and Recovery, Bradly Trumbo, M L. Ahmann, J F. Renholds, R S. Brown, A H. Colotelo, and Z D. Deng

Submissions from 2012

Cooperative research advances fish-friendly turbine design, R S. Brown, M L. Ahmann, B A. Trumbo, and J Foust

Quantifying mortal injury of juvenile Chinook salmon exposed to simulated hydro-turbine passage, R S. Brown, T J. Carlson, A J. Gingerich, J R. Stephenson, B D. Pflugrath, A E. Welch, M J. Langeslay, M L. Ahmann, R L. Johnson, J R. Skalski, A G. Seaburg, and R L. Townsend

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The effect of rapid and sustained decompression on barotrauma in juvenile brook lamprey and Pacific lamprey: implications for passage of hydroelectric facilities, Alison H. Colotelo, Brett D. Pflugrath, Richard S. Brown, Colin J. Brauner, Robert P. Meuller, Tom J. Carlson, Daniel Deng, Martin L. Ahmann, and Bradly A. Trumbo

Effects of a dam and reservoir on the distribution and densities of macrofauna in tropical streams of Guam (Mariana Islands), G B. Concepcion and S G. Nelson

Development of an external and neutrally buoyant acoustic transmitter for juvenile salmon turbine passage evaluation, Z Deng, J J. Martinez, A H. Colotelo, T K. Abel, A P. LeBarge, R S. Brown, B D. Pflugrath, R P. Mueller, T J. Carlson, A G. Seaburg, R L. Johnson, and M L. Ahmann

Optimal suturing technique and numbers of sutures for surgical implantation of acoustic transmitters in juvenile salmonids, K A. Deters, R S. Brown, J W. Boyd, and A G. Seaburg


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Seasonal movements, habitat use, aggregation, exploitation, and entrainment of saugers in the Lower Yellowstone River: An empirical assessment of factors affecting population recovery, M E. Jaeger, A V. Zale, T E. McMahon, and B J. Schmitz

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A Numerical Study on Hydraulic Characteristics in the Ice Harbor-type Fishway, Seojun Kim, Kwonkyu Yu, Byungman Yoon, and Yoonsung Lim

Effect of Low-Head Lock-and-Dam Structures on Migration and Spawning of American Shad and Striped Bass in the Cape Fear River, North Carolina, Joseph A. Smith and Joseph E. Hightower

Detecting changes in ecosystem quality following long-term restoration efforts in Cootes Paradise Marsh, S Thomasen and P Chow-Fraser

Rationalization of building micro-dams equipped with fish passages in West African savannas, K Unami, M Yangyuoru, and A MB Alam

Submissions from 2011

All that goes up must come down? Absence of downstream passage through a fish ladder in a large Amazonian river, C S. Agostinho, F M. Pelicice, E E. Marques, A B. Soares, and D AA Almeida

Influence of navigational lock and dam structures on adjacent fish communities in a major river system, D G. Argent and W G. Kimmel

Using an experimental in situ fishway to provide key design criteria for lateral fish passage in tropical rivers: A case study from the Mekong River, Central Loa PDR, L J. Baumgartner, T Marsden, D Singhanouvong, O Phonekhampheng, I G. Stuart, and G Thorncraft

Barriers to fish passage and barriers to fish passage assessments: the impact of assessment methods and assumptions on barrier identification and quantification of watershed connectivity, C M. Bourne, D G. Kehler, Y F. Wiersma, and D Cote

Efficacy of Single-Suture Incision Closures in Tagged Juvenile Chinook Salmon Exposed to Simulated Turbine Passage, J W. Boyd, K A. Deters, R S. Brown, and M B. Eppard

Performance of fish passage structures at upstream barriers to migration, C M. Bunt, T Castro-Santos, and A Haro

Turbulent flow characteristics in circular corrugated culverts at mild slopes, S P. Clar and N Kehler

Passage performance and physiological stress response of adult white sturgeon ascending a laboratory fishway, D E. Cocherell, A Kawabata, D W. Kratville, S A. Cocherell, R C. Kaufman, E K. Anderson, Z O. Chen, H Bandeh, M M. Rotondo, R Padilla, R Churchwell, M L. Kawas, and J J. Cech Jr.

Use of genetic markers to aid in re-establishing migratory connectivity in a fragmented metapopulation of bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus), P W. Dehaan, S R. Bernall, J M. DosSantos, L L. Lockard, and W R. Ardren

Fish Passage Assessment of an Advanced Hydropower Turbine and Conventional Turbine Using Blade-Strike Modeling, Z Q. Deng, T J. Carlson, D D. Dauble, and G R. Ploskey

A Cabled Acoustic Telemetry System for Detecting and Tracking Juvenile Salmon: Part 2. Three-Dimensional Tracking and Passage Outcomes, Z Q. Deng, M A. Weiland, T Fu, T A. Seim, B L. LaMarche, E Y. Choi, T J. Carlson, and M B. Eppard

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Factors affecting juvenile galaxiid fish passage at culverts, L Doehring, R G. Young, and A R. McIntosh

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The Effects of Road Culverts on Nekton in New England Salt Marshes: Implications for Tidal Restoration, A L. Eberhardt, D M. Burdick, and M Dionne

Differences in River Ecological Functions Due to Rapid Channel Alteration Processes in Two California Rivers Using the Functional Flows Model, Part 2-Model Applications, M I. Escobar-Arias and G B. Pasternack

Potential effects of dams on migratory fish in the Mekong River: Lessons from salmon in the Fraser and Columbia Rivers, J W. Ferguson, M Healey, P Dugan, and C Barlow

Associations between small dams and mollusk assemblages in Alabama streams, M M. Gangloff, E E. Hartfield, D C. Wernecke, and J W. Feminella

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New Developments for the Ecological Enhancement of Hydropower Sites, R Hassinger

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Water Velocity Measurements on a Vertical Barrier Screen at the Bonneville Dam Second Powerhouse, J S. Hughes, Z D. Deng, M A. Weiland, J J. Martinez, and Y Yuan

Behaviour of adult Pacific lamprey in near-field flow and fishway design experiments, M L. Keefer, C A. Peery, S R. Lee, W R. Daigle, and E L. Johnson

The Influence of Discharge and Temperature on the Ability of Upstream Migrant Adult River Lamprey (Lampetra Fluviatilis) to Pass Experimental Overshot and Undershot Weirs, P S. Kemp, I J. Russon, A S. Vowles, and M C. Lucas

Effects of fluctuating flows and a controlled flood on incubation success and early survival rates and growth of age-0 rainbow trout in a large regulated river, J Korman, M Kaplinski, and T S. Melis

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The multi-use in wind farm projects: more conflicts or a win-win opportunity?, D Lacroix and S Pioch

Does the Archimedean Screw Turbine Stand the Test?, A Lashofer, F Kaltenberger, and B Pelikan

Wave interaction with a wave absorbing double curtain-wall breakwater, Y Liu and Y C. Li

Wave interaction with a wave absorbing double curtain-wall breakwater, Y Liu and Y C. Li

Investigation into the direct laser forming process of steam turbine blade, Z L. Lu, D C. Li, Z Q. Tong, Q P. Lu, M M. Traore, A F. Zhang, and B H. Lu

EMG telemetry studies on upstream migration of chum salmon in the Toyohira river, Hokkaido, Japan, Y Makiguchi, Y Konno, K Konishi, K Miyoshi, T Sakashita, H Nii, K Nakao, and H Ueda

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Modeling of a novel fish passage-way using coupled spatially varied flow, M M. Mortula

Development of Pacific lamprey fishways at a hydropower dam, M L. Moser, M L. Keefer, H T. Pennington, D A. Ogden, and J E. Simonson

Adjusted barrier management to improve glass eel migration at an estuarine barrier, A M. Mouton, M Stevens, T Van den Neucker, D Buysse, and J Coeck

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Stream fragmentation thresholds for a reproductive guild of Great Plains fishes, J S. Perkins and K B. Gido

Taking a second look: climate change, periodic relicensing and improved management of dams, J Pittock and J Hartmann

Aggregation and feeding behaviour of pouting (Trisopterus luscus) at wind turbines in the Belgian part of the North Sea, J T. Reubens, S Degraer, and M Vincx

Aggregation and feeding behaviour of pouting (Trisopterus luscus) at wind turbines in the Belgian part of the North Sea, J T. Reubens, S Degraer, and M Vincx

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Temperature and water velocity effects on the swimming performances of young-of-the-year strong mullet (Mugil xanthurus), spot (Leiostomus xanthurus), and pinfish (Lagodon rhombiodes), R A. Rulifson

Advancing provision of multi-species fish passage: Behaviour of adult European eel (Anguilla anguilla) and brown trout (Salmo trutta) in response to accelerating flow, I J. Russon and P S. Kemp

Gauging weirs impede the upstream migration of adult river lamprey Lampetra fluviatilis, I J. Russon, P S. Kemp, and M C. Lucas

Particle motion measured at an operational wind turbine in relation to hearing sensitivity in fish, P Sigray and M H. Andersson

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Using sprint swimming performance to predict upstream passage of the endangered Macquarie perch in a highly regulated river, D Starrs, B C. Ebner, M Lintermans, and C J. Fulton

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Obstacles to migration constrain nest distribution of Atlantic salmon, C Tentelier and C Piou

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