Submissions from 2009

Evaluation of Strobe Lights to Reduce Turbine Entrainment of Juvenile Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) at Cowlitz Falls Dam, Washington, T J. Kock, S D. Evans, T L. Liedtke, D W. Rondorf, and M Kohn

Movements of Murray cod (Maccullochella peelii peelii) in a large Australian lowland river, J D. Koehn, J A. McKenzie, D J. O'Mahoney, S J. Nicol, J P. O'Connor, and W G. O'Connor

Effects of hydropeaking on nearshore habitat use and growth of age-0 rainbow trout in a large regulated river, J Korman and S E. Campana

Colonisation of fish and crabs of wave energy foundations and the effects of manufactured holes - A field experiment, O Langhamer and D Wilhelmsson

Rotational accelerations stabilize leading edge vortices on revolving fly wings, D Lentink and M H. Dickinson

Taking It with You When You Go: How Perturbations to the Freshwater Environment, Including Temperature, Dams, and Contaminants, Affect Marine Survival of Salmon, S D. McCormick, D T. Lerner, M Y. Monette, K Nieves-Puigdoller, J T. Kelly, and B T. Bjornsson

Predicting barrier passage and habitat suitability for migratory fish species, M S. Meixler, M B. Bain, and M T. Walter

Paddlefish Movements in the Lower Mobile River Basin, Alabama, M F. Mettee, P E. O'Neil, and S J. Rider

Do impassable dams and flow regulation constrain the distribution of green sturgeon in the Sacramento River, California?, E A. Mora, S T. Lindley, D L. Erickson, and A P. Klimley

Turbulence characteristics of flow in a spiral corrugated culvert fitted with baffles and implications for fish passage, R R. Morrison, R H. Hotchkiss, M Stone, D Thurman, and A R. Horner-Devine

Seasonal use distributions and migrations of blue sucker in the Middle Missouri River, B C. Neely, M A. Pegg, and G E. Mestl

Progress and challenges in freshwater conservation planning, J L. Nel, D J. Roux, R Abell, P J. Ashton, R M. Cowling, J V. Higgins, M Thieme, and J H. Viers

Application of a multistate model to estimate culvert effects on movement of small fishes, J R. Norman, M M. Hagler, M C. Freeman, and B J. Freeman

Influence of seasonal, diel, lunar, and other environmental factors on upstream fish passage in the Igarapava Fish Ladder, Brazil, P M. Pizzuto, A L. Godinho, V Vono, B Kynard, and H P. Godinho

Evaluation of the Effects of Pressure Gradients on Four Brazilian Freshwater Fish Species, P D. Pompeu, L FM Horta, and C B. Martinez

A comparison of the physiological condition, and fishway passage time and success of migrant adult sockeye salmon at Seton River dam, British Columbia, under three operational water discharge rates, L B. Pon, S G. Hinch, S J. Cooke, D A. Patterson, and A P. Farrell

Physiological, energetic and behavioural correlates of successful fishway passage of adult sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka in the Seton River, British Columbia, L B. Pon, S G. Hinch, S J. Cooke, D A. Patterson, and A P. Farrell

Culvert replacement and stream habitat restoration: Implications from brook trout management in an Appalachian watershed, U.S.A., I O. Poplar-Jeffers, J T. Petty, J T. Anderson, S J. Kite, M P. Strager, and R H. Fortney

Balancing Aquatic Habitat Fragmentation and Control of Invasive Species: Enhancing Selective Fish Passage at Sea Lamprey Control Barriers, T C. Pratt, L M. O'Connor, A G. Hallett, R L. McLaughlin, C Katopodis, D B. Hayes, and R A. Bergstedt

Guidelines for restoring connectivity around water mills: a population genetic approach to the management of riverine fish, J AM Raeymaekers, D Raeymaekers, I Koizumi, S Geldof, and F AM Volckaert

Response relationships between juvenile salmon and an autonomous sensor in turbulent flow, M C. Richmond, Z Q. Deng, C A. McKinstry, R R. Mueller, T J. Carlson, and D D. Dauble

Movements by adult cutthroat trout in a lotic system: implications for watershed-scale management, T B. Sanderson and W A. Hubert

Testing in situ avoidance reaction of vendace, Coregonus albula, in relation to continuous artificial light from stationary vertical split-beam echosounding, M B. Schmidt, H Balk, and H Gassner

Observations of American eels using an upland passage facility and effects of passage on the population structure, R E. Schmidt, C M. O'Reilly, and D Miller

Selection of Iberian barbel Barbus bocagei (Steindachner, 1864) for orifices and notches upon different hydraulic configurations in an experimental pool-type fishway, A T. Silva, J M. Santos, A C. Franco, M T. Ferreira, and A N. Pinheiro

A multiple-release model to estimate route-specific and dam passage survival at a hydroelectric project, J R. Skalski, R A. Buchanan, R L. Townsend, and S Hemstrom

Particle Image Velocimetry Study of Flow near Trashrack Models, J M. Tsikata, M F. Tachie, and C Katopodis

Fish ladders select fish traits on migration - still a growing problem for natural fish populations, G L. Volpato, R E. Barreto, A L. Marcondes, P SA Moreira, and M FD Ferreira

Anadromous alewives (Alosa pseudoharengus) contribute marine-derived nutrients to coastal stream food webs, A W. Walters, R T. Barnes, and D M. Post

Submissions from 2008

Surveying professional opinion to inform bull trout recovery and management decisions, R Al-Chokhachy, W Fredenberg, and S Spalding

An optimal shape problem related to the realistic design of river fishways, L J. Alvarez-Vazquez, A Martineza, M E. Vazquez-Mendez, and M A. Vilar

Fishways Design: An Application of the Optimal Control Theory, L J. Alvarez-Vazquez, A Martinez, M E. Vazquez-Mendez, and M A. Vilar

Vertical slot fishways: Mathematical modeling and optimal management, L J. Alvarez-Vazquez, A Martinez, M E. Vazquez-Mendez, and M A. Vilar

Dams, fish and fisheries in the Mekong River Basin: Impacts of dams on fisheries, C Barlow

Determining diel variation in fish assemblages downstream of three weirs in a regulated lowland river, L J. Baumgartner, I G. Stuart, and B P. Zampatti

Eel protection measures within the Manapouri hydro-electric power scheme, South Island, New Zealand, J Boubee, D Jellyman, and C Sinclair

Analyzing the impacts of dams on riparian ecosystems: A review of research strategies and their relevance to the Snake River through Hells Canyon, J H. Braatne, S B. Rood, L A. Goater, and C L. Blair

The Impact of Small and Large Impoundments on Freshwater Mussel Distribution in the Hawkesbury-Nepean River, Southeastern Australia, M Brainwood, S Burgin, and M Byrne

Migration of silver American eels past a hydroelectric dam and through a coastal zone, J W. Carr and F G. Whoriskey

Glass eel recruitment, Anguilla anguilla (L.), in a Mediterranean lagoon assessed by a glass eel trap: factors explaining the catches, A J. Crivelli, N Auphan, P Chauvelon, A Sandoz, J Y. Menella, and G Poizat

Efficiency of a fish lift for returning Atlantic salmon at a large-scale hydroelectric complex in France, O Croze, F Bau, and L Delmouly

Impacts of dams on the sediment flux of the Pearl River, southern China, S B. Dai, S L. Yang, and A M. Cai

Migration of rheophilic fish in the large lowland rivers Meuse and Rhine, the Netherlands, J J. De Leeuw and H V. Winter

Mainstream dams as barriers to fish migration: International learning and implications for the Mekong, P Dugan

Energetics related to upstream migration of Atlantic salmon in vertical slot fishways, E Enders, C Pennell, R Booth, and D Scruton

Performance of a prototype surface collector for juvenile salmonids at Bonneville Dam's First Powerhouse on the Columbia River, Oregon, S D. Evans, N S. Adams, D W. Rondorf, J M. Plumb, and B D. Ebberts

Combining turbine blade-strike and life cycle models to assess mitigation strategies for fish passing dams, J W. Ferguson, G R. Ploskey, K Leonardsson, R W. Zabel, and H Lundqvist

Weir removal in salmonid streams: Implications, challenges and practicalities, C Garcia de Leaniz

Fish mortality by impingement on the cooling-water intake screens of Britain's largest direct-cooled power station, M FD Greenwood

Trawls and cooling-water intakes as estuarine fish sampling tools: Comparisons of catch composition, trends in relative abundance, and length selectivity, M FD Greenwood

How do dams affect freshwater fish distributions in Japan? Statistical analysis of native and nonnative species with various life histories, M Han, M Fukushima, S Kameyama, T Fukushima, and B Matsushita

Rotation screen prevents fish damage in hydroelectric power stations, P Hartvich, P Dvorak, P Tlusty, and P Vrana

Efficient artificial generation of attracting currents at fishways, R Hassinger

Changes in selection and evolutionary responses in migratory brown trout following the construction of a fish ladder, T O. Haugen, P Aass, N C. Stenseth, and L A. Vollestad

Numerical flow simulation of pool-type fishways: new ways with well-known tools, S Heimerl, M Hagmeyer, and C Echteler

Dimensioning of fish passage structures with perturbation boulders, S Heimerl, F Krueger, and H Wurster

Culvert Hydraulics Comparison of Current Computer Models and Recommended Improvements, R H. Hotchkiss, E A. Thiele, E J. Nelson, and P L. Thompson

Regulated floodplains - a trap for unwary fish, M J. Jones and I G. Stuart

Assessing the efficiency of a constructed wetland using a first-order biokinetic model, C J. Jou, S W. Chen, C M. Kao, and C L. Lee

Field Studies of Fish Pass Operation on Michalice Reservoir, R Kasperek and M Wiatkowski

Response of downstream migrant juvenile Pacific salmonids to accelerating flow and overhead cover, P S. Kemp, M H. Gessel, and J G. Williams

Response of migrating Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) smolts to instream structure associated with culverts, P S. Kemp and J G. Williams

Simulation of Hydrodynamics at Stratified Reservoirs Using a Staged Modeling Approach, T Khangaonkar, Z Q. Yang, J Paik, and F Sotiropoulos

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Forebay Hydrodynamics Created by A Floating Juvenile Fish Collection Facility at the Upper Baker River Dam, Washington, L A. Khan, E W. Roy, and M Rashid

Case study of an application of a computational fluid dynamics model to the forebay of the Dalles Dam, Oregon, L A. Khan, E A. Wicklein, M Rashid, L L. Ebner, and N A. Richards

Losses of Sacramento River Chinook salmon and delta smelt to entrainment in water diversions in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, W J. Kimmerer

Linking landscapes and habitat suitability scores for diadromous fish restoration in the Susquehanna River basin, P M. Kocovsky, R M. Ross, and D S. Dropkin

Habitat use and movement patterns by adult saugers from fall to summer in an unimpounded small-river system, K M. Kuhn, W A. Hubert, K Johnson, D Overlie, and D Dufek

River Rehabilitation: A New Approach to the Design of Fish Passes Through Dams, V Lagutov and V Lagutov

Fish passage experience at small-scale hydro-electric power plants in France, M Larinier

Application of a nonhydrostatic model to flow in a free surface fish passage facility, H Y. Lee, C L. Lin, and L J. Weber

The effect of avoidance behavior on predicting fish passage rates through water diversion structures, B H. Lemasson, J W. Haefner, and M D. Bowen

The effect of avoidance behavior on predicting fish passage rates through water diversion structures, B H. Lemasson, J W. Haefner, and M D. Bowen

Migration of Sinogastromyzon puliensis (Teleostei: Balitoridae) in the Choshui River, Taiwan, T Y. Liao, C C. Pan, and C S. Tzeng

Field study of an attraction channel as entrance to fishways, E Lindmark and L H. Gustavsson

Evaluation of the Swimming Ability of Wild-Caught Onychostoma Barbatula (Cyprinidae) and Applications to Fishway Design for Rapid Streams in Taiwan, P J. Lin, I H. Ni, and B Q. Huang

Fish assemblages in a western Iowa stream modified by grade control structures, M E. Litvan, C L. Pierce, T W. Stewart, and C J. Larson

Fish passage in a western Iowa stream modified by grade control structures, M E. Litvan, C L. Pierce, T W. Stewart, and C J. Larson

Upstream passage problems for wild Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) in a regulated river and its effect on the population, H Lundqvist, P Rivinoja, K Leonardsson, and S McKinnell

Sprint swimming performance of wild bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus), M G. Mesa, J Phelps, and L K. Weiland

Juvenile coho salmon leaping ability and behavior in an experimental culvert test bed, R P. Mueller, S S. Southard, C W. May, W H. Pearson, and V I. Cullinan

Fish response to fluctuating flow in regulated rivers: Research methods, effects and opportunities, K J. Murchie, K PE Hair, C Pullen, T D. Redpath, H Stephens, and S J. Cooke

Optimum fish passage and guidance designs are based in the hydrogeomorphology of natural rivers, J M. Nestler, R A. Goodwin, D L. Smith, J J. Anderson, and S Li

Backwater control on riffle-pool hydraulics, fish habitat quality, and sediment transport regime in gravel-bed rivers, G B. Pasternack, M K. Bounrisavong, and K K. Parikh

Behaviour and passage performance of Northern pike, walleyes, and white suckers in an experimental raceway, S J. Peake

Fish-passage facilities as ecological traps in large neotropical rivers, F M. Pelicice and A A. Agostinho

A numerical study of the temperature dynamics at McNary Dam, M Politano, M M. Haque, and L J. Weber

Field-Based Evaluations of Horizontal Flat-Plate Fish Screens, B P. Rose, M G. Mesa, and G Barbin-Zydlewski

Hydroelectricity and fish: a synopsis of comprehensive studies of upstream and downstream passage of anadromous wild Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, on the Exploits River, Canada, D A. Scruton, C J. Pennell, C E. Bourgeois, R F. Goosney, L King, R K. Booth, W Eddy, T R. Porter, L M. Ollerhead, and K D. Clarke

Response of bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) to habitat reconnection through replacement of hanging culverts with bridges, J Shrimpton, C J. Cena, and A D. Clarke

Lock gates improve passage of small-bodied fish and crustaceans in a low gradient vertical-slot fishway, I G. Stuart, L J. Baumgartner, and B P. Zampatti

Can a low-gradient vertical-slot fishway provide passage for a lowland river fish community?, I G. Stuart, B P. Zampatti, and L J. Baumgartner

Topologies and measurements of turbulent flow in vertical slot fishways, L Tarrade, A Texier, L David, and M Larinier

Ichthyofauna in the upper Rhine River close to the city of Karlsruhe as determined by the analysis of fish impingement by cooling-water intakes of a power plant, F Thielan, U Weibel, J Hirt, M Munderle, M Marten, H Taraschewski, and B Sures

A pilot program for local development of state species recovery plans in California: The Shasta-Scott River Coho Salmon Recovery Team, L C. Thompson

Entrance Loss Coefficients and Inlet Control Head-Discharge Relationships for Buried-Invert Culverts, B P. Tullis, D S. Anderson, and S C. Robinson

Impacts of road crossings on fish movement and community structure, J L. Vander Pluym, D B. Eggleston, and J F. Levine

Natural streams and the legacy of water-powered mills, R C. Walter and D J. Merritts

Evolutionary responses by native species to major anthropogenic changes to their ecosystems: Pacific salmon in the Columbia River hydropower system, R S. Waples, R W. Zabel, M D. Scheuerell, and B L. Sanderson

Fouling assemblages on offshore wind power plants and adjacent substrata, D Wilhelmsson and T Malm