Submissions from 2018

Pool-Type Fishways: Two Different Morpho-Ecological Cyprinid Species Facing Plunging and Streaming Flows, Paulo Branco, Jose M. Santos, Christos Katopodis, and Antonio Pinheiro

Submissions from 2017

Potential barriers to upstream fish passage caused by anthropogenic river modifications: A computer modeling study of emerald shiners(Notropis atherinoides) in the upper Niagara River, I. W. Allen, S. K. Delavan, A. R. Hannes, and A. Perez-Fuentetaja

Remediation of upstream passage for migrating Galaxias (Family: Galaxiidae) through a pipe culvert, F. Amtstaetter, J. O'Connor, D. Borg, and I. Stuart

Dams impact westslope cutthroat trout metapopulation structure and hybridization dynamics, William R. Ardren, Shana R. Bernall, and --

Experimental study of the influence of macro-roughnesses on vertical slot fishway flows, Aurelien Ballu, Damien Calluaud, Gerard Pineau, and Laurent David

Reducing Carryover Effects on the Migration and Spawning Success of Sockeye Salmon through a Management Experiment of Dam Flows, N. J. Burnett, S. G. Hinch, N. N. Bett, and D. C. Braun

Migratory behavior of adult sea lamprey and cumulative passage performance through four fishways, Theodore Castro-Santos, Xiaotao Shi, and Alex Haro



Anthropogenic turbulence and velocity barriers for upstream swimming fish: A field study on emerald shiners (Notropis atherinoides) in the Upper Niagara River, S. K. Delavan, S. Sood, A. Perez-Fuentetaja, and A. R. Hannes

Evaluation of Boundary Dam spillway using an Autonomous Sensor Fish Device, Z. D. Deng, J. P. Duncan, J. L. Arnold, and T. Fu

y Evaluation of swimming performance for fish passage of longnose dace Rhinichthys cataractae using an experimental flume, D. R. Dockery, T. E. McMahon, K. M. Kappenman, and M. Blank

Silver eel downstream migration in fragmented rivers: use of a Bayesian model to track movements triggering and duration, Hilaire Drouineau, Frederique Bau, Alain Alric, and Nicolas Deligne

A case study of a pool and weir fishway modeled with OpenFOAM and FLOW-3D, J. M. Duguay, R. W. J. Lacey, and J. Gaucher


Road culvert restoration expands the habitat connectivity and production area of juvenile Atlantic salmon in a large subarctic river system, J. Erkinaro, H. Erkinaro, and E. Niemelae

Climbing success of adult Pacific lamprey on a vertical wetted wall, K. E. Frick, S. C. Corbett, and M. L. Moser

Optimizing attraction flow for upstream fish passage at a hydropower dam employing 3D Detached-Eddy Simulation, David C. Gisen, Roman B. Weichert, and John M. Nestler

Is motivation important to brook trout passage through culverts?, Elsa Goerig, Theodore Castro-Santos, and --

Downstream migration of Atlantic salmon smolts past a low head hydropower station equippped with Archimedes screw and Francis turbines, T. B. Havn, S. A. Saether, E. B. Thorstad, and M. A. K. Teichert

Low light inhibits native fish movement through a vertical-slot fishway: Implications for engineering design, M. J. Jones, L. J. Baumgartner, B. P. Zampatti, and K. Beyer

A toolkit for optimizing fish passage barrier mitigation actions, Steven King, Jesse R. O'Hanley, Lynda R. Newbold, and Paul S. Kemp

Improving escape panel selectivity in Nephrops-directed fisheries by actively stimulating fish behavior, Ludvig A. Krag, Bent Herrmann, Jordan Feekings, and Henrik S. Lund

The effect of substratum type on aspects of swimming performance and behaviour in shortnose sturgeon Acipenser brevirostrum, L. E. May, J. D. Kieffer, and --

Informing Watershed Connectivity Barrier Prioritization Decisions: A Synthesis, S. K. McKay, A. R. Cooper, M. W. Diebel, and D. Elkins

Development of a fish leaping framework for low-head barriers, Parham A. Mirzaei

A computational fluid dynamics modeling study of guide walls for downstream fish passage, Kevin Brian Mulligan, Brett Towler, Alex Haro, and David P. Ahlfeld

Economic and policy considerations regarding hydropower and migratory fish, Emmi Nieminen, Kari Hyytiainen, and Marko Lindroos


Upstream and downstream passage of migrating adult Atlantic salmon: Remedial measures improve passage performance at a hydropower dam, D. Nyqvist, P. A. Nilsson, I. Alenas, and J. Elghagen


Performance of a Vertical-Slot Fish Pass for the Sea Lamprey Petromyzon marinus L. and Habitat Recolonization, E. Pereira, B. R. Quintella, C. S. Mateus, and C. M. Alexandre

Movement patterns of seaward migrating European eel (Anguilla anguilla) at a complex of riverine barriers: implications for conservation, Adam T. Piper, Jon C. Svendsen, Rosalind M. Wright, and Paul S. Kemp

Selective pressure of fishways upon morphological and muscle enzymatic traits of migrating glass eels, T. Podgorniak, M. Angelini, E. De Oliveira, and F. Daverat

Substrate roughening improves swimming performance in two small-bodied riverine fishes: implications for culvert remediation and design, Essie M. Rodgers, Breeana M. Heaslip, Rebecca L. Cramp, and Marcus Riches

Passage performance of two cyprinids with different ecological traits in a fishway with distinct vertical slot configurations, Filipe Romao, Ana L. Quaresma, Paulo Branco, and Jose Maria Santos

Survival of Migrating Sea Trout (Salmo trutta) Smolts During Their Passage of an Artificial Lake in a Danish Lowland Stream, M. Schwinn, K. Aarestrup, H. Baktoft, and A. Koed

Borders and Barriers: challenges of Fisheries Management and Conservation in Open Systems, S. F. Siddons, M. A. Pegg, and G. M. Klein

Can navigation locks be used to help migratory fishes with poor swimming performance pass tidal barrages? A test with lampreys, Sergio Silva, Maran Lowry, Consuelo Macaya-Solis, and Barry Byatt

Factors Influencing Movements of Two Migratory Fishes within the Tailrace of a Large Neotropical Dam and their Implications for Hydropower Impacts, F. M. Suzuki, J. B. Dunham, L. G. M. Silva, and C. B. M. Alves

Incidence and timing of wild and escaped farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in Norwegian rivers inferred from video surveillance monitoring, Martin-A. Svenning, Anders Lamberg, Brian Dempson, and Rita Strand

Quantifying Fish Habitat Associated with Stream Simulation Design Culverts in Northern Wisconsin, A. Timm, D. Higgins, J. Stanovick, and R. Kolka

Protecting fish from entering turbines: the efficiency of a low-sloping rack for downstream migration of Atlantic salmon smolts, Sylvie Tomanov, Dominique Courret, and Alain Alric

Evaluation of mitigation measures to reduce hydropeaking impacts on river ecosystems - a case study from the Swiss Alps, Diego Tonolla, Andreas Bruder, and Steffen Schweizer

Sedimentation of load in a step-pool rock ramp fishway with biotechnical embedded elements, Tomasz Tyminski, Justyna Mumot, Dorota Karpowicz, and Xia Jianxin

Multi-scale temporal patterns in fish presence in a high-velocity tidal channel, Haley A. Viehman, Gayle Barbin Zydlewski, and --

Effects of multiple stresses hydropower, acid deposition and climate change on water chemistry and salmon populations in the River Otra, Norway, Richard F. Wright, Raoul-Marie Couture, Anne B. Christiansen, and Jose-Luis Guerrero

Labyrinths in large reservoirs: An invisible barrier to fish migration and the solution through reservoir operation, Zhihao Xu, Xinan Yin, Tao Sun, and Yanpeng Cai

Impact of Estuary Barrage Construction on Fish Assemblages in the Lower Part of a River and the Role of Fishways as a Passage, Ju-Duk Yoon, Jeong-Hui Kim, Sang-Hyeon Park, and Eve Kim

Submissions from 2016

Fish assemblages in Neotropical reservoirs: Colonization patterns, impacts and management, Angelo A. Agostinho, Luiz C. Gomes, Natalia C. L. Santos, and Jean C. G. Ortega

Three-dimensional simulation and experimental study for optimising a vertical slot fishway, Ruidong An, Jia Li, Ruifeng Liang, and Youcai Tuo

Flow Simulation in a Rock-Ramp Fish Pass, Abul Basar M. Baki, David Z. Zhu, and Nallamuthu Rajaratnam

The impact of dam removal and climate change on the abundance of the Formosan landlocked salmon, Laurie Battle, Hao-Yen Chang, Chyng-Shyan Tzeng, and Hsing-Juh Lin

Fish Movement Through an Estuary Mouth Is Related to Tidal Flow, Alistair Becker, Matthew Holland, James A. Smith, and Iain M. Suthers

Impact of river regulation on a Mediterranean delta: Assessment of managed versus unmanaged scenarios, Rafael J. Bergillos, Cristobal Rodriguez-Delgado, Agustin Millares, and Miguel Ortega-Sanchez

Disrupted downstream migration behaviour of European silver eels (Anguilla anguilla, L.) in an obstructed river, Marc L. Besson, Thomas Trancart, Anthony Acou, and Fabien Charrier

The Effects of Run-of-River Hydroelectric Power Schemes on Fish Community Composition in Temperate Streams and Rivers, Gary S. Bilotta, Niall G. Burnside, Jeremy C. Gray, and Harriet G. Orr

A piecewise regression approach for determining biologically relevant hydraulic thresholds for the protection of fishes at river infrastructure, C. A. Boys, W. Robinson, B. Miller, and B. Pflugrath

Do the Fish Return? A Qualitative Assessment of Anadromous Pacific Salmonids' Upstream Movement After Dam Removal, Peter K. Brewitt

Reinforcement and Validation of the Analyses and Conclusions Related to Fishway Evaluation Data from Bunt et al.: Performance of Fish Passage Structures at Upstream Barriers to Migration', C. M. Bunt, T. Castro-Santos, and A. Haro

Providing Aquatic Organism Passage in Vertically Unstable Streams, Janine M. Castro, Aaron Beavers, and --

Physical and Biological Responses to an Alternative Removal Strategy of a Moderate-sized Dam in Washington, USA, S. M. Claeson, B. Coffin, and --

Stream habitat connectivity in the Canadian Arctic: an on-site approach to design and construction, Gregory J. Courtice, Abul Basar M. Baki, David Z. Zhu, and Christopher L. Cahill

Analysis of the hydraulic behavior of a vertical slot fishway in two slopes, Edna Maria de Faria Viana, Carlos Barreira Martinez, Marco Tulio Correa de Faria, and Bruno da Silva Tolentino

Size-Mediated Effects of Water-Flow Velocity on Riverine Fish Species, A. Del Signore, H. J. R. Lenders, A. J. Hendriks, and J. A. Vonk

Numerical study of an innovative fish ladder design for perched culverts, Jason M. Duguay, R. W. Jay Lacey, and --

Not just for adults! Evaluating the performance of multiple fish passage designs at low-head barriers for the upstream movement of juvenile and adult trout Salmo trutta, Michael Forty, Jack Spees, and Martyn C. Lucas

Non-uniform hydraulic behavior of pool-weir fishways: A tool to optimize its design and performance, Juan Francisco Fuentes-Perez, Francisco Javier Sanz-Ronda, Andres Martinez de Azagra, and Ana Garcia-Vega

Downstream Passage of Fish Larvae at the Salto Grande Dam on the Uruguay River, C. M. Fuentes, M. I. Gomez, D. R. Brown, and A. Arcelus

Experimental investigation of fish downstream passage and turbine related fish mortality at an innovative hydro power setup, Franz Geiger, Mathilde Cuchet, and Peter Rutschmann

Fish and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Assemblage Response to Removal of a Partially Breached Lowhead Dam, D. P. Gillette, K. Daniel, and C. Redd

Brook trout passage performance through culverts, Elsa Goerig, Theodore Castro-Santos, and Normand Emile Bergeron

Will Dam Removal Increase Nitrogen Flux to Estuaries?, Arthur J. Gold, Kelly Addy, Alisa Morrison, and Marissa Simpson

Frequent haplotypes of caged Caligus rogercresseyi in the austral south of Chile: The result of a long term serial passage experiment?, R. R. Gonzalez, J. F. Himelreichs, F. A. Cruzat, and G. C. Asencio

Passage of downstream migrant American eels through an airlift-assisted deep bypass, Alex Haro, Barnaby Watten, and John Noreika

Burbot and large hydropower in North America: benefits, threats and research needs for mitigation, P. M. Harrison, L. F. G. Gutowsky, E. G. Martins, and D. A. Patterson

Fishway approach behaviour and passage of three redhorse species (Moxostoma anisurum, M. carinatum, and M. macrolepidotum) in the Richelieu River, Quebec, Charles Hatry, Jason D. Thiem, Daniel Hatin, and Pierre Dumont

Hydraulics of vertical slots in fish passes, Ulf Helbig, Detlef Aigner, and Juergen Stamm

Evaluation of Steelhead Passage Flows Using Hydraulic Modeling on an Unregulated Coastal California River, R. W. Holmes, D. E. Rankin, E. Ballard, and M. Gard

Reconnecting Fragmented Sturgeon Populations in North American Rivers, Henriette I. Jager, Michael J. Parsley, Joseph J. Cech, and McLaughlin Jr.

Meta-analyses, Metrics and Motivation: Mixed Messages in the Fish Passage Debate, P. S. Kemp

Process, Policy, and Implementation of Pool-Wide Drawdowns on the Upper Mississippi River: A Promising Approach for Ecological Restoration of Large Impounded Rivers, K. P. Kenow, G. L. Benjamin, T. W. Schlagenhaft, and R. A. Nissen

An Efficiency Analysis of a Nature-Like Fishway for Freshwater Fish Ascending a Large Korean River, Jeong-Hui Kim, Ju-Duk Yoon, Seung-Ho Baek, and Sang-Hyeon Park

Optimal Fish Passage Barrier RemovalRevisited, S. King, J. R. O'Hanley, and --

Effects of water velocity, turbulence and obstacle length on the swimming capabilities of adult Pacific lamprey, M. A. Kirk, C. C. Caudill, D. Tonina, and J. C. Syms

Modelling Whitewater Park Hydraulics and Fish Habitat in Colorado, E. Kolden, B. D. Fox, B. P. Bledsoe, and M. C. Kondratieff

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler measurements near a weir with fish pass: assessing solutions to compass errors, spatial data referencing and spatial flow heterogeneity, Thomas Kriechbaumer, Kim Blackburn, Nick Everard, and Monica Rivas Casado

Hydropower Development, Riverine Connectivity, and Non-sport Fish Species: criteria for Hydraulic Design of Fishways, A. Laborde, A. Gonzalez, C. Sanhueza, and P. Arriagada

Novel Tube-Based Fish Passage System Offers Alternative to Ladders, Lifts, and Hauling, Jay Landers

Upstream Hydraulics of a Run-of-the River Hydropower Facility for Fish Entrainment Risk Assessment, Mathew T. Langford, David Z. Zhu, and Alf Leake

Influence of dams on population persistence in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), Elizabeth R. Lawrence, Anna Kuparinen, and Jeffrey A. Hutchings

Effects of Electric Barrier on Passage and Physical Condition of Juvenile and Adult Rainbow Trout, Megan J. Layhee, Adam J. Sepulveda, Amy Shaw, and Matthew Smuckall

Impact of the internal flow in a jet fish pump on the fish, Xinping Long, Maosen Xu, Qiao Lyu, and Jialin Zou

Immediate changes in stream channel geomorphology, aquatic habitat, and fish assemblages following dam removal in a small upland catchment, F. J. Magilligan, K. H. Nislow, B. E. Kynard, and A. M. Hackman

Prioritising culvert removals to restore habitat for at-risk salmonids in the boreal forest, B. M. Maitland, M. Poesch, and A. E. Anderson

Do beaver dams reduce habitat connectivity and salmon productivity in expansive river floodplains?, Rachel L. Malison, Kirill V. Kuzishchin, and Jack A. Stanford

The hydraulics of a vertical slot fishway: A case study on the multi-species Vianney-Legendre fishway in Quebec, Canada, Bryan A. Marriner, Abul B. M. Baki, David Z. Zhu, and Steven J. Cooke

Go with the flow: the movement behaviour of fish from isolated waterhole refugia during connecting flow events in an intermittent dryland river, Jonathan C. Marshall, Norbert Menke, David A. Crook, and Jaye S. Lobegeiger

Dynamics of upstream movements of the European eel Anguilla anguilla in an inland area of the River Meuse over the last 20 years, Billy Nzau Matondo, Michael Ovidio, and --

Evidence for Serial Discontinuity in the Fish Community of a Heavily Impounded River, L. E. Miranda, D. J. Dembkowski, and --