Submissions from 1992

Hydropower into the Mainstream: A View from the Potomac, D H. Clarke

A Review of the Design and Performance of Tanks Relevant to Flatfish Culture, S J. Cripps and M G. Poxton

Alewifes avoid high frequency sound, D J. Dunning, Q E. Ross, P Geoghegan, J J. Reichle, J K. Menezes, and J K. Watson

Analyzing Turbine Bypass Systems at Hydro Facilities, J W. Ferguson

The Failure and Rehabilitation of A Fish-Conserving Device, R I. Fletcher

Influence of an electric screen downstream from an hydroelectric plant on upstream migration of the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), C Gosset, F Travade, and C Garaicoechea

Skin Injuries and Serum Enzyme-Activities of Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) Harvested by Fish Pumps, J M. Grizzle, J E. Chen, J C. Williams, and J S. Spano

Deflecting eels from water inlets of power stations with light, R H. Hadderingh, J W. Van der Stoep, and J M. Habraken

A reliable tag-recapture technique for estimating turbine passage survival: application to young-of-the-year American shad (Alosa sapidissima), P G. Heisey, D Mathur, and T Rineer

Ecosystem study Altenwörth: Impacts of a hydroelectric powerstation on the River Danube in Austria, U H. Humpesch

Hydroacoustic studies for developing a smolt bypass system at Wells Dam, G E. Johnson, C M. Sullivan, and M W. Erho

Reinforcing the Soundness of FERC's Hydro Licensing Process, P C. Kissel

Awareness reactions and avoidance responses to sound in juvenile Atlantic salmon, (Salmo salar), F R. Knudsen, P S. Enger, and O Sand

Biological Factors Related to Fish Passage, Barriers to Upstream Migration, M Larinier

Fish Passage Through Culverts, Rock Sills and Estuarine Obstructions, M Larinier

General Remarks on Fish Passage Devices, M Larinier

Location of fishways at barriers, M Larinier

Study of Some Selectivity Factors in Eel Ladders, A LeGault

Water-Quality Changes and Effects on Fish Populations in the Hanjiang River, China, Following Hydroelectric Dam Construction, J K. Liu and Z T. Yu

Swimming Ability of Juvenile Austrian Bass, Macquaria novemaculeata (Steindachner), and Juvenile Barramundi, Lates calcarifer (Bloch), in an Experimental Vertical-slot Fishway, M Mallen-Cooper

Turbines for solving the DO dilemma, P A. March, T A. Brice, M H. Mobley, and J M. Cybularz

Guiding American shad with strobe lights, P Martin and C Sullivan

Debunking the Myths about Fish Mortality at Hydro Plants, D Mathur and P G. Heisey

Particular problems for the conservation of diadromous fish, R M. McDowall

Seasonal movements of brown trout in northeast Wisconsin, L S. Meyers, T F. Thuelmer, and G W. Kornely

Determining the minimum instream flow for hydro peaking projects, R T. Milhous

Upstream migratory behaviour in landlocked Arctic charr, I Naslund

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Responses of blueback herring to high-frequency sound and implications for reducing entrainment at hydropower dams, J M. Nestler, G R. Ploskey, J Pickens, J K. Menzies, and C R. Schilt

Migration and residency in stream salmonids-some ecological considerations and evolutionary consequences, T G. Northcote

Downstream Fining by Selective Deposition in a Laboratory Flume, C Paola, G Parker, R Seal, S K. Sinha, J B. Southard, and P R. Wilcock

Swimming Efficiency of the White Crappie, Pomoxis annularis, G R. Parsons and J L. Sylvester Jr.

Fishways for eels, J P. Porcher

New designs for vertical slot fishways, N Rajaratnam, C Katopodis, and S Solanki

Assessment of an automated fish counter in a Canadian river, D G. Reddin, F O'Connell, and D AF Dunkley

Movement of brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in four small subalpine streams in northern Colorado, S C. Riley, K D. Fausch, and C Gowan

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Tetracycline marking of coregonids at the time of egg fertilization, C Ruhle and C Winecki-Kuhn

Mitigating the Impacts of Stream and Lake Regulation in the Flathead River Catchment, Montana, Usa - An Ecosystem Perspective, J A. Stanford and F R. Hauer

Introducing a 'Modular Approach' To Fish Screen Installation, E P. Taft, F C. Winchell, T C. Cook, and C W. Sullivan

Conception d'un ascenseur a poissons adapte a l'alose (Alosa alosa) sur un grand cours d'eau: l'ascenseur de Golfech sur la Garonne, F Travade, M Larinier, D Trivalleto, and J Dartiguelongue

Successes and Failures of Acoustics in the Measurement of Environmental Impacts, P M. Washington, G L. Thomas, and D A. Marino

Successes and Failures of Acoustics in the Measurement of Environmental Impacts, P M. Washington, G L. Thomas, and D A. Marino

Improvement of low-head hydropower releases, S C. Wilhelms SC;

Effects of impoundments on freshwater mussels (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Unionidae) in the mainstream of the Black Warrior and Tombigbee rivers in western Alabama, J D. Williams, S LH Fuller, and R Grace

Submissions from 1991

Evaluation of the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Field Users, C L. Armour and J G. Taylor

Migrations of tagged eel released into the lower Vistula and the Gulf of Gdansk, R Bartel and M Kosior

Behavioural thermoregulation and homing by spring Chinook salmon, (Oncorhynchus tshawtscha) (Walbaum), in the Yakima River, C H. Berman and T P. Quinn

Acoustic Measures of the Abundance and Size of Pelagic Planktivores in Lake Michigan, S B. Brandt, D M. Mason, E V. Patrick, R L. Argyle, L Wells, P A. Unger, and D J. Stewart

Stream channel experiments on downstream movement of recently emerged trout, (Salmo trutta) and salmon, (S. salar). Effects of developmental stage and day and night upon dispersal., D T. Crisp

Aquatic Habitat Measurement and Valuation: Imputing Social Benefits to Instream Flow Levels, A J. Douglas and R L. Johnson

The Passive Pressure Penstock Screen Fish Bypass System, G J. Eicher

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Fish ladder efficiency in a Southeastern Brazilian river, H P. Godinho, A L. Godinho, P S. Formagio, and V C. Torquato

Pigmentation, otolith rings, and upstream migration of juvenile American eels (Anguilla rostrata) in a coastal Rhode Island stream, A J. Haro and W H. Krueger

The Brule River sea lamprey barrier and fish ladder, Wisconsin, G A. Holloway

Influence of water flow, water temperature and light on fish migration in rivers, N Jonsson

Variation in age, size and repeat spawning of adult Atlantic salmon in relation to river discharge, N Jonsson, L P. Hansen, and B Jonsson

Dammed and diverted, L Krotz

Fish Monitoring: Getting a Complete Picture, E S. Kuehl, G E. Johnson, and F W. Olson

Downstream Migration of Smolts and Effectiveness of a Fish Bypass Structure at Halsou Hydroelectric Powerhouse on the Nive River, M Larinier and S Boyer-Bernard

Smolts downstream migration at Poutes Dam on the Allier River: use of mercury lights to increase the efficiency of a fish bypass structure, M Larinier and S Boyer-Bernard

A Stochastic, Compartmental Model of the Migration of Juvenile Anadromous Salmonids in the Columbia River Basin, D C. Lee

Unconventional Power: Energy Efficiency and Environmental Rehabilitation Under the Northwest Power Act, K N. Lee

Can salmon make a comeback?, R Lewis R;

Using Sound to Divert Fish From Turbine Intakes, P H. Loeffelman, J H. Van Hassel, and D A. Klinect

White crappie summer movements and habitat use in Delaware Reservoir, Ohio, J L. Markham, D L. Johnson, and R W. Petering

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Marking cod (Gadus morhua L.) juveniles with oxytetracycline incorporated into the feed, T Pedersen and B Carlsen

Feeding of Predaceous Fishes on Out-Migrating Juvenile Salmonids in John Day Reservoir, Columbia River, T P. Poe, H C. Hansel, S Vigg, D E. Palmer, and L A. Prendergast

Homing and straying patterns of fall chinook salmon in the lower Columbia River, T P. Quinn, R S. Nemeth, and D O. McIsaac

Hydraulics of Steeppass Fishways, N Rajaratnam and C Katopodis

Hydraulics of Culvert Fishways IV: Spoiler Baffle Culvert Fishways, N Rajaratnam, C Katopodis, and S Lodewyk

Entrance region of circular pipes flowing partly full, N Rajaratnam, C Katopodis, and M A. Sabur

Using Sound Waves to Monitor Fish Entrainment, B H. Ransom

Comparison of 3 Fish-Loading Systems to Harvest Food-Size Channel Catfish (Ictalurus-Punctatus), R A. Rode, L L. Lovshin, and R K. Goodman

Fish Movements through a Fishway on a Tidal Barrage in Sub-tropical Queensland, D J. Russell

Mortality of Juvenile Clupeids during Passage through a Tidal, Low-Head Hydroelectric Turbine at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, K D. Stokesbury and M J. Dadswell

A Review of Local Adaptation in Salmonidae, with Particular Reference to Pacific and Atlantic Salmon, E B. Taylor

Estimated Loss of Juvenile Salmonids to Predation by Northern Squawfish, Walleyes, and Smallmouth Bass in John Day Reservoir, Columbia River, S Vigg and T P. Poe

Considerations for fish passage through culverts, F E. Votapka

Composition and mechanics of routine swimming of rainbow trout, (Oncorhynchus mykiss), P Webb

A method for estimating spill effectiveness for passing juvenile salmon and its application at Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River, J W. Wilson, A E. Giorgi, and L C. Stuehrenberg

Upstream Extirpation of Four Minnow Species Due to Damming of a Prairie Stream, M R. Winston, C M. Taylor, and J Pigg

Submissions from 1990

Fish Damage by Turbines, E M. Bernoth

Analyzing instream flow trade-offs for small hydropower development, A B. Bishop, T B. Hardy, and B D. Glabou

A review of studies relating to the effects of propeller-type turbine passage on fish early life stages, G F. Cada

Assessing fish mortality rates, G F. Cada

Adaptive Significance of A Longitudinal Migration by Juvenile Fresh-Water Fish in the Gamtoos River System, South-Africa, J A. Cambray

A detachable fishway for steep culverts, C G. Clancy and D R. Reichmuth

Range, activity, and habitat of large, freeranging brown trout in a Michigan stream., D F. Clapp, R D. Clark, and J S. Diana

Flow Dynamics and Fish Recovery Experiments: Water Intake Systems, R I. Fletcher

A respirometer with controlled water quality and computerized data acquisition for experiments with swimming fish, P C. Gehrke, L E. Fidler, D C. Mense, and D J. Randall

Assessing Hydro Projects' Effect on DO Concentration, J S. Gulliver, E I. Danill, and J R. Thene

Homing behaviour of displaced stream-dwelling brown trout, M Halvorsen and O B. Stabell

Diel Variation in Density, Length Composition, and Feeding-Activity of Juvenile Alewife, Alosa-Pseudoharengus Wilson, and Blueback Herring, A-Aestivalis Mitchill, at Near-Surface Depths in A Hydroelectric Dam Impoundment, B M. Jessop

The effects of a fishway model hydraulics on the ascent of vendance, whitefish and brown trout in Inari, northern Finland, A Laine

Seasonal migration of smallmouth bass in the Embarrass and Wolf rivers, Wisconsin, R W. Langhurst and D L. Schoenike

Estuary Dams Management and Eel Migration, A LeGault

A Simple System of Replicated Recirculating Experimental Streams, W J. Matthews, F P. Gelwick, and T J. Gardner