Submissions from 2004

Knockdown resistance allele frequency in field populations of Plutella xylostella in Korea, DH Kwon, BR Choi, HM Park, SH Lee, T Miyata, JM Clark, and SH Lee

Estimation of knockdown resistance in diamondback moth using real-time PASA, DH Kwon, JM Clark, and SH Lee

Equivalent impedance of a large rough surface at low grazing angles, ZG Lai and R Janaswamy

An architecture and compiler for scalable on-chip communication, H Liang, A Laffely, S Srinivasan, and R Tessier

A dynamically-reconfigurable, power-efficient turbo decoder, J Liang, R Tessier, and D Goeckel

Modal selection using genetic optimization, D Looze, S Hippler, and M Feldt

Differential current-sensing for on-chip interconnects, A Maheshwari and W Burleson

Trading off transient fault tolerance and power consumption in deep submicron (DSM) VLSI circuits, A Maheshwari, W Burleson, and R Tessier

Accurate estimation of soft error rate (SER) in VLSI circuits, A Maheshwari, I Koren, and W Burleson

Small-scale and large-scale intermittency in the nocturnal boundary layer and the residual layer, A Muschinski, RG Frehlich, and BB Balsley

Untitled - Preface, PL Pellett and RT Jackson

Gulf Stream observations obtained with the UMass dual beam interferometer and an infrared camera, D Perkovic, JV Toporkov, MA Sletten, G Farquharson, SJ Frasier, GO Marmorino, and KP Judd

Characterizing network processing delay, R Ramaswamy, N Weng, and T Wolf

Design and implementation of a miniaturized water vapor profiling radiometer, FI Sanchez, SC Reising, and RW Jackson

Left ventricular volume estimation from three-dimensional echocardiography, IS Shin, PA Kelly, KF Lee, and DA Tighe

Atmospheric disturbances that generate intermittent turbulence in nocturnal boundary layers, JL Sun, DH Lenschow, SP Burns, RM Banta, RK Newsom, R Coulter, S Frasier, T Ince, C Nappo, BB Balsley, M Jensen, L Mahrt, D Miller, and B Skelly

Design considerations for bistatic radar probing of winds in clear air conditions, Z Tulu and SJ Frasier

Guest editorial: Field programmable logic, R Woods and R Tessier

On the evaluation of AS relationship inferences, JH Xia and LX Gao

Is periodicity required for negative index materials?, J Xiong and R Janaswamy

Adaptive routing in ubiquitous mobile access networks, Q Xue and A Ganz

Maximizing sensor network lifetime: Analysis and design guidelines, Q Xue and A Ganz

Runtime security composition for sensor networks (SecureSense), Q Xue and A Ganz

A(0.10)Ga(0.90)As-GaAs microcoolers, JZ Zhang, NG Anderson, and KM Lau

Cost-based cache replacement and server selection for multimedia proxy across wireless Internet, Q Zhang, Z Xiang, WW Zhu, and LX Gao

Radar scattering behavior of estuarine outflow plumes, XH Zhang, EM Twarog, DJ McLaughlin, MA Sletten, GO Marmorino, CL Trump, and N Allan

P2P streaming using multiple description coded video, M Zink and A Mauthe

Email worm modeling and defense, CC Zou, D Towsley, and WB Gong

Submissions from 2003

Hierarchy-aware algorithms for CDN proxy placement in the Internet, HS Bassali, KA Kamath, RB Hosamani, and LX Gao

Error analysis and detection procedures for a hardware implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard, G Bertoni, L Breveglieri, I Koren, P Maistri, and V Piuri

Periodic broadcast and patching services - implementation, measurement and analysis in an internet streaming video testbed, MK Bradshaw, B Wang, S Sen, LX Gao, J Kurose, P Shenoy, and D Towsley

Analysis of an AIMD based collision avoidance protocol in wireless data networks, SL Cai, Y Liu, and WB Gong

Redundant space calibration of hexagonal and Y-shaped beamforming radars and interferometric radiometers, A Camps, F Torres, P Lopez-Dekker, and SJ Frasier

A technique for interconnecting millimeter wave integrated circuits using BCB and bump bonds, R Carrillo-Ramirez and RW Jackson

Dynamic resource allocation for shared data centers using online measurements, A Chandra, WB Gong, and P Shenoy

Dynamic wordlength variation for low-power 3D graphics texture mapping, J Chittamuru, W Burleson, and J Euh

Configuring sessions in programmable networks, S Choi, J Turner, and T Wolf

Constrained energy allocation for mixed hard and soft real-time tasks, Y Doh, D Kim, YH Lee, and CM Krishna

A low-power content-adaptive texture mapping architecture for real-time 3D graphics, J Euh, J Chittamuru, and W Burleson

Anomaly detection using call stack information, HHP Feng, OM Kolesnikov, P Fogla, WK Lee, and WB Gong

Hurricane wind and rain measurements using a dual polarized C/Ku-band airborne radar profiler, DE Fernandez, XH Zhang, J Carswell, D McLaughlin, P Chang, L Connor, PG Black, and FD Marks

The imaging wind and rain airborne profiler - A dual frequency dual polarized conically scanning airborne profiling radar, DE Fernandez, XH Zhang, A Castells, D McLaughlin, J Carswell, P Chang, L Connor, P Black, and F Marks

Fundamental design limitations of the general control configuration, JS Freudenberg, CV Hollot, RH Middleton, and V Toochinda

Q-Soft: software framework for QoS support in home networks, A Ganz, K Wongthavarawat, and A Phonphoem

Proxy-assisted techniques for delivering continuous multimedia streams, LX Gao, ZL Zhang, and D Towsley

Unresponsive flows and AQM performance, CV Hollot, Y Liu, V Misra, and D Towsley

An S-band frequency-modulated continuous-wave boundary layer profiler: Description and initial results, T Ince, SJ Frasier, A Muschinski, and AL Pazmany

Analytical expressions for the ergodic capacities of certain MIMO systems by the Mellin transform, R Janaswamy

Path loss predictions in the presence of buildings on flat terrain: A 3-D vector parabolic equation approach, R Janaswamy

First observations with the UMass dual-beam InSAR, WN Junek, A Ramanathan, G Farquharson, SJ Frasier, R Tessier, DJ McLaughlin, MA Sletten, and JV Toporkov

Saturating counters: Application and design alternatives, I Koren, Y Koren, and BG Oomman

Special issue on real-time systems, CM Krishna and YH Lee

Voltage-clock-scaling adaptive scheduling techniques for low power in hard real-time systems, CM Krishna and YH Lee

Technology mapping algorithms for hybrid FPGAs containing lookup tables and PLAs, S Krishnamoorthy and R Tessier

Using System-on-a-Chip as a vehicle for VLSI design education, A Laffely and W Burleson

Adaptive system on a chip (ASOC): A backbone for power-aware signal processing cores, A Laffely, J Liang, R Tessier, and W Burleson

Low overhead fault tolerant networking in myrinet, V Lakamraju, I Koren, and CM Krishna

Voltage-clock scaling for low energy consumption in fixed-priority real-time systems, YH Lee and CM Krishna

Floating point unit generation and evaluation for FPGAs, J Liang, R Tessier, and O Mencer

On fluid queueing systems with strict priority, Y Liu and WB Gong

Optimal compensation and implementation for adaptive optics systems, DP Looze, M Kasper, S Hippler, O Beker, and R Weiss

Gain optimization for adaptive optics systems, DP Looze and N Merritt

Dynamic performance and stability analysis for layer oriented MCAO controllers, DP Looze and R Weiss

Techniques for transient fault sensitivity analysis and reduction in VLSI circuits, A Maheshwari, I Koren, and W Burleson

Pre-processing input data to augment fault tolerance in space applications, J Nair, Z Koren, I Koren, and CM Krishna

Comparison of optical and radar measurements of surf and swash zone velocity fields, JA Puleo, G Farquharson, SJ Frasier, and KT Holland

PacketBench: A tool for workload characterization of network processing, R Ramaswamy and T Wolf

A voltage scheduling heuristic for real-time task graphs, D Roychowdhury, I Koren, CM Krishna, and YH Lee

Fault-sensitivity analysis and reliability enhancement of analog-to-digital converters, M Singh and I Koren

Fault sensitivity and tolerance of successive approximation and Delta-Sigma analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), M Singh and I Koren

High-performance and low-voltage sense-amplifier techniques for sub-90nm SRAM, M Sinha, S Hsu, A Alvandpour, W Burleson, R Krishnamurthy, and S Borkar

Low voltage sensing techniques and secondary design issues for sub 90nm caches, M Sinha, S Hsu, A Alvandpour, W Burleson, R Krishnamurthy, and S Borkar

Interconnect effort - A unification of repeater insertion and logical effort, S Srinivasaraghavan and W Burleson

System-level power-aware design techniques in real-time systems, OS Unsal and I Koren

On the minimax robustness of the uniform transmission power strategy in MIMO systems, SQ Wei and D Goeckel

On the asymptotic capacity of MIMO systems with fixed length linear antenna arrays, SQ Wei, DL Goeckel, and R Janaswamy

Aggregated hierarchical multicast - A many-to-many communication paradigm using programmable networks, T Wolf and SY Choi

Predictive scheduling of network processors, T Wolf, P Pappu, and MA Franklin

IEEE 802.16 based last mile broadband wireless military networks with quality of service support, K Wongthavarawat and A Ganz

Packet scheduling for QoS support in IEEE 802.16 broadband wireless access systems, K Wongthavarawat and A Ganz

Accuracy study of time-stepped simulation of high speed networks, YJ Wu and WB Gong

Burst level simulation of a queueing system with active-idle sources, YJ Wu and WB Gong

Analysis of abstract simulation via stochastic differential equation models, YJ Wu, WB Gong, and D Towsley

An effective method for blocking performance analysis of WDM all-optical networks, JT Xiong, WB Gong, and CM Qiao

Ad hoc QoS on-demand routing (AQOR) in mobile ad hoc networks, Q Xue and A Ganz

Vertical communication in multimedia multi-tier tactical networks, Q Xue and A Ganz

A radio resource control method in UWB MAC protocol design, H Xu and A Ganz

Adaptive fault recovery for networked reconfigurable systems, WF Xu, R Ramanarayanan, and R Tessier

An approach to seeking policy disputes based on dispute cycle avoidance and configuration guideline, CH Zhang, Y Gao, and LX Gao

Generalized transmitted-reference UWB systems, HL Zhang and DL Goeckel

AlGaAs superlattice microcoolers, JH Zhang, NG Anderson, and KM Lau

Submissions from 2002

A fast-acquiring blind predictive DFE, G Ananthaswamy and DL Goeckel

On quantum well solar cell efficiencies, NG Anderson

Cool-Mem: Combining statically speculative memory accessing with selective address translation for energy efficiency, R Ashok, S Chheda, and CA Moritz

On routing table growth, T Bu, LX Gao, and D Towsley

On Horowitz's contributions to reset control, Y Chait and CV Hollot

Providing throughput differentiation for TCP flows using adaptive two-color marking and two-level AQM, Y Chait, CV Hollot, V Misra, D Towsley, H Zhang, and JCS Lui

An adaptive low power texture mapping architecture, JK Chittamuru, J Euh, and WP Burleson

Analytical approach to layout generation of datapath cells, M Ciesielski, S Askar, and S Levitin

Taylor Expansion Diagrams: A compact, canonical representation with applications to symbolic verification, MJ Ciesielski, P Kalla, ZH Zeng, and B Rouzeyre