Submissions from 2006

Distribution of spawning activity by anadromous fishes in an Atlantic slope drainage after removal of a low-head dam, S M. Burdick and J E. Hightower

Performance of passive integrated transponder tags and radio tags in determining dam passage behavior of adult chinook salmon and steelhead, B J. Burke and M A. Jepson

Efforts to reduce mortality to hydroelectric turbine-passed fish: Locating and quantifying damaging shear stresses, G Cada, J Loar, L Garrison, R Fisher, and D Neitzel

Modeling the effect of varying swim speeds on fish passage through velocity barriers, T Castro-Santos

Filtering ADV data on highly turbulent free surface flow, L Cea, L Pena, and J Puertas

Modelling the effects of dam removal on migratory walleye (Sander vitreus) early life stages, F Cheng, U Zika, K Banachowski, D Gillenwater, and T Granata

Evaluation of adult white sturgeon swimming capabilities and applications to fishway design, T S. Cheong, M L. Kavvas, and E K. Anderson

Mechanistic basis of individual mortality in pacific salmon during spawning migrations, S J. Cooke, S G. Hinch, G T. Crossin, D A. Patterson, K K. English, M C. Healey, J M. Shrimpton, G Van der Kraak, and A P. Farrell

Do brown trout choose locations with reduced turbulence?, A J. Cotel, P W. Webb, and H Tritico

Use of electric or bubble barriers to limit the movement of Eurasian ruffe (Gymnocephalus cernuus), H A. Dawson, U G. Reinhardt, and J F. Savin

Trends in fish abundance in Mount Hope Bay: Is the Brayton Point Power Station affecting fish stocks?, J T. DeAlteris, T L. Englert, and J AD Burnett

Confounding factors in the detection of species responses to habitat fragmentation, R M. Ewers and R K. Didham

Evidence of delayed mortality on juvenile Pacific salmon passing through turbines at Columbia River dams, J W. Ferguson, R F. Absolon, T J. Carlson, and B P. Sandford

Optimizing the flow pattern in culverts for small upstream migrating fish using a numerical 3D Code, R Feurich and J Boubee

Upstream migration of two pre-spawning shortnose sturgeon passed upstream of Pinopolis Dam, Cooper River, South Carolina, S T. Finney, J J. Isley, and D W. Cooke

Migration and Spawning of Radio-Tagged Zulega Prochilodus argenteus in a Dammed Brazilian River, A L. Godinho and B Kynard

Behavioral thermoregulation and slowed migration by adult fall Chinook salmon in response to high Columbia River water temperatures, T M. Goniea, M L. Keefer, T C. Bjornn, C A. Peery, D H. Bennett, and L C. Stuehrenberg

Forecasting 3-D fish movement behavior using a Eulerian-Lagrangian-agent method (ELAM), R A. Goodwin, J M. Nestler, J J. Anderson, L J. Weber, and D P. Loucks

Chutes and ladders and other games we play with rivers. II. Simulated effects of translocation on white sturgeon, H I. Jager

Chutes and ladders and other games we play with rivers. I. Simulated effects of upstream passage on white sturgeon, H I. Jager

Surface flow outlets to protect juvenile salmonids passing through hydropower dams, G E. Johnson and D D. Dauble

Comparison of fish communities between above- and below-dam sections of small streams; barrier effect to diadromous fishes, O Katano, T Nakamura, S Abe, S Yamamoto, and Y Baba

Route selection in a large river during the homing migration of Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), M L. Keefer, C C. Caudill, C A. Peery, and T C. Bjornn

The behaviour of Pacific salmonid smolts during passage over two experimental weirs under light and dark conditions, P S. Kemp, M H. Gessel, B P. Sandford, and J G. Williams

A three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model analysis of free surface hydrodynamics and fish passage energetics in a vertical-slot fishway, L A. Khan

Fish pass effectiveness for bullhead (Cottus gobio), perch (Perca fluviatilis) and roach (Rutilus rutilus) in a regulated lowland river, G Knaepkens, K Baekelandt, and M Eens

Process-based ecological river restoration: Visualizing three-dimensional connectivity and dynamic vectors to recover lost linkages, G M. Kondolf, A J. Boulton, S O'Daniel, G C. Poole, F J. Rachel, E H. Stanley, E Wohl, A Bang, J Carlstrom, C Cristoni, H Huber, S Koljonen, P Louhi, and K Nakamura

How high can a brook trout jump? A laboratory evaluation of brook trout jumping performance, M C. Kondratieff and C A. Myrick

Fish migrations in a large lowland river (Odra R., Poland) - based on fish pass observations, J Kotusz, A Witkowski, M Baran, and J Blachuta

Disentangling local from macroenvironmental effects: quantifying the effect of human encroachments based on historical river catches of anadromous salmonids, J H. L'Abee-Lund, T O. Haugen, and L A. Vollestad

Movement patterns of American eels (Anguilla rostrata) between salt- and freshwater in a coastal watershed, based on otolith microchemistry, H M. Lamson, J C. Shiao, Y Iizuka, W N. Tzeng, and D K. Cairns

The role of the lateral line and vision on body kinematics and hydrodynamic preference of rainbow trout in turbulent flow, J C. Liao

Mean flow and turbulence structure in vertical slot fishways, M M. Liu, N Rajaratnam, and D Z. Zhu

Effects of low-head barriers on stream fishes: taxonomic affiliations and morphological correlates of sensitive species, R L. McLaughlin, L Porto, D LG Noakes, J R. Baylis, L M. Carl, H R. Dodd, J D. Goldstein, D B. Hayes, and R G. Randall

Use of a vertical-slot fishway by galaxiids in Western Australia, D L. Morgan and S J. Beatty

Post-hydropower system delayed mortality of transported Snake River stream-type Chinook salmon: Unraveling the mystery, W Muir, D Marsh, B Sandford, S Smith, and J Williams

Fallback by adult sockeye salmon at Columbia River dams, G P. Naughton, C C. Caudill, M L. Keefer, T C. Bjornn, C A. Peery, and L C. Stuehrenberg

Some impacts of low and medium head weirs on downstream fish movement in the Murray-Darling Basin in southeastern Australia, J P. O'Connor, D J. O'Mahony, J M. O'Mahony, and T J. Gienane

Migratory behavior of American shad in the York River, Virginia, with implications for estimating in-river exploitation from tag recovery data, J E. Olney, R J. Latour, B E. Watkins, and D G. Clarke

Pollution assessment of the lower basin of Lakes Kainji/Jebba, Nigeria: heavy metal status of the waters, sediments and fishes, A O. Oyewale and I Musa

Temporal patterns of fish passage in Santa Clara power plant's fish lift, Mucuri River, east Brazil, P DS Pompeu and C B. Martinez

Use of Santa Clara Power Plant fish lift by Palaemonidae shrimps, Mucuri River basin, Minas Gerais, Brazil, P D. Pompeu, F Vieira, and C B. Martinez

Fish entrainment into irrigation canals: An analytical approach and application to the Bow River, Alberta, Canada, J R. Post, B T. van Poorten, T Rhodes, P Askey, and A Paul

Migrations of juvenile and subadult fish through a fishpass during late summer and fall, M Prchalova, L Vetesnik, and O Slavik

Removable spillway weir development for fish passage, power, and water quality benefits, S R. Rainey, L A. Reese, and T O. Wik

The status of freshwater mussels in Rhode Island, C J. Raithel and R H. Hartenstine

Timing and demographic characteristics of redhorse spawning runs in three Great Lakes Basin Rivers, S M. Reid

Defining flow windows for upstream passage of adult anadromous salmonids at cascades and falls, D W. Reiser, C M. Huang, S Beck, M Gagner, and E Jeanes

Evaluating vertical-slot fishway designs in terms of fish swimming capabilities, T T. Rodriguez, J P. Agudo, L P. Mosquera, and E P. Gonzalez

Fish and blue crab passage through water control structures of a coastal bay lake, R A. Rulifson and B L. Wall

Effects of water temperature and flow on adult salmon migration swim speed and delay, D H. Salinger and J J. Anderson

Effects of small hydropower plants on fish assemblages in medium-sized streams in central and northern Portugal, J M. Santos, M T. Ferreira, A N. Pinheiro, and J H. Bochechas

Migrations by fluvial largescale suckers (Catostomus macrocheilus) after transport upstream of Milltown Dam, Montana, D A. Schmetterling and J A. Mcfee

Lost watersheds: Barriers, aquatic habitat connectivity, and salmon persistence in the Willamette and Lower Columbia River basins, M B. Sheer and E A. Steel

Turbulence analysis of vertical slot fish pass by in situ measurements and CFD modelling, B Sokoray-Varga, S Baranya, and J Jozsa

Reactions of cyprinids to infrasound in a lake and at the cooling water inlet of a nuclear power plant, D Sonny, F R. Knudsen, P S. Enger, T Kvernstuen, and O Sand

Managing a migratory pest species: A selective trap for common carp, I G. Stuart, A Williams, J McKenzie, and T Holt

A field test verifies that pheromones can be useful for sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) control in the Great Lakes, C M. Wagner, M L. Jones, M B. Twohey, and P W. Sorensen

Application of an Eulerian-Lagranglan-Agent method (ELAM) to rank alternative designs of a juvenile fish passage facility, L J. Weber, R A. Goodwin, S Li, J M. Nestler, and J J. Anderson

Cost-efficiency aspects for fish passage restoration in the Ruhr River Basin, M Weyand, M Redeker, and E A. Nusch

First record of predation by the alien invasive freshwater fish Micropterus salmoides L. (Centrarchidae) on migrating estuarine fishes in South Africa, O LF Weyl and H Lewis

The influence of offshore windpower on demersal fish, D Wilhelmsson, T Malm, and M C. Ohman

Assessing the impact of hydropower and fisheries on downstream migrating silver eel, (Anguilla anguilla), by telemetry in the River Meuse, H V. Winter, H M. Jansen, and M CM Bruijs

Physiological and energetic correlates of en route mortality for abnormally early migrating adult sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) in the Thompson River, British Columbia, J L. Young, S G. Hinch, S J. Cooke, G T. Crossin, D A. Patterson, A P. Farrell, G van der Kraak, A G. Lotto, A Lister, M C. Healey, and K K. English

Submissions from 2005

Effects of habitat fragmentation on effective population size in the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow, D Alo and T F. Turner

Developing CWA Section 316(b) fish protection technologies through laboratory and field evaluations, S Amaral, T Sullivan, and R Tuttle

Caspian tern predation on juvenile salmonids in the mid-Columbia River, M Antolos, D D. Roby, D E. Lyons, K Collis, A E. Evans, M Hawbecker, and B A. Ryan

Delaware Bay salt marsh restoration: Mitigation for a power plant cooling water system in New Jersey, USA, J H. Balletto, M V. Mheimbuch, and H J. Mahoney

Upstream migration of minijack (age-2) Chinook salmon in the Columbia River: Behavior, abundance, distribution, and origin, B R. Beckman and D A. Larsen

Evaluation of sampling techniques for ago-0 juvenile lake sturgeon in the lower Peshtigo River, Wisconsin, and nearshore waters of Green Bay, A C. Benson, T M. Sutton, R F. Elliot, and T G. Meronek

Retrofitting fish protection technologies at an existing cooling water intake, J Black, R Tuttle, N Taft, and N Olken

Effects of waterfall dimensions and light intensity on age-0 brook trout jumping performance, M M. Brandt, J P. Holloway, C A. Myrick, and M C. Kondratieff

Use of pressure-sensitive film to quantify sources of injury to fish, G Cada, J Smith, and J Busey

Evaluation of nature-like fishways for re-establishing connectivity in fragmented salmonid populations in the River Eman, E O. Calles and L A. Greenberg

Optimal swim speeds for traversing velocity barriers: An analysis of volitional high-speed swimming behaviour of migratory fishes, T Castro-Santos

Threats, conservation strategies, and prognosis for suckers (Catostomidae) in North America: insights from regional case studies of a diverse family of non-game fishes, S J. Cooke, C M. Bunt, S J. Hamilton, C A. Jennings, M P. Pearson, M S. Cooperman, and D F. Markle

Using stable isotope analysis with telemetry or mark-recapture data to identify fish movement and foraging, R A. Cunjak, J M. Roussel, M A. Gray, J P. Dietrich, D F. Cartwright, K R. Munkittrick, and T D. Jardine

Downstream displacement of post-emergent brown trout: Effects of development stage and water velocity, M Daufresne, H Capra, and P Gaudin

Evaluation of fish-injury mechanisms during exposure to turbulent shear flow, Z Q. Deng, G R. Guensch, C A. McKinstry, R P. Mueller, D D. Dauble, and M C. Richmond

Free Access for Riverine Fish along the Dutch Rhine, Hydraulics and Construction of a Fishway, C J. Dorst and F R. Kok

Stream ecosystem response to small dam removal: Lessons from the heartland, M W. Doyle, E H. Stanley, C H. Orr, A R. Selle, S A. Sethi, and J M. Harbor

The silvering process of Anguilla anguilla: a new classification from the yellow resident to the silver migrating stage, C Durif, S Dufour, and P Elie

Endocrine control of Anguilla anguilla glass eel dispersal: Effect of thyroid hormones on locomotor activity and rheotactic behavior, E Edeline, A Bardonnet, V Bolliet, S Dufour, and E Pierre

Migration timing and river survival of late-run Fraser River sockeye salmon estimated using radiotelemetry techniques, K K. English, W R. Koski, C Sliwinski, A Blakley, A Cass, and J C. Woodey

A preliminary typology of Australian tropical rivers and implications for fish community ecology, W D. Erskine, M J. Saynor, L Erskine, K G. Evans, and D R. Moliere

Comparing upriver spawning migration of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar and sea trout Salmo trutta, A G. Finstad, F Okland, E B. Thorstad, and T G. Heggberget

The effect of thiamine injection on upstream migration, survival, and thiamine status of putative thiamine-deficient Coho salmon, J D. Fitzsimmons, B Williston, P Amcoff, L Balk, C Pecor, H G. Ketola, J P. Hinterkopf, and D C. Honeyfield

Movement, swimming speed, and oxygen consumption of juvenile white sturgeon in response to changing flow, water temperature, and light level in the Snake River, Idaho, D R. Geist, R S. Brown, V Cullinan, S R. Brink, K Lepla, P Bates, and J A. Chandler

Loss of fish habitat as a consequence of inappropriately constructed stream crossings, R J. Gibson, R L. Haedrich, and C M. Wernerheim

A model for the upstream motion of elvers in the Adour River, P Gomez-Mourelo

Tests of Two Types of Bypass for Downstream Migration of Eels at a Small Hydroelectric Power Plant, C Gosset, F Travade, C Durif, J Rives, and P Elie

Fish migrations in two seasonal streams in Zimbabwe, B Gratwicke and B Marshall

Hydraulic and biological aspects of fish passes for Atlantic salmon, E Guiny, D A. Ervine, and J D. Armstrong

Distribution of anadromous fishes in the Upper Klamath River watershed prior to hydropower dams - A synthesis of the historical evidence, J B. Hamilton, G L. Curtis, S M. Snedaker, and D K. White

Application of wind power generation for an agriculture region with weak wind speed, K Hanada, Z Litifu, and K Nagasaka

Development and evaluation of a new helical fish-friendly hydroturbine, G E. Hecker and T C. Cooke

A sampler for capturing larval and juvenile Atlantic menhaden, J D. Hedrick, L R. Hedrick, and E J. Margraf

A fish selective obstacle to prevent dispersion of an unwanted fish species, based on leaping capabilities, E Holthe, E Lund, B Finstad, E B. Thorstad, and R S. McKinley

Velocity distributions in streambed simulation culverts used for fish passage, M R. House, M R. Pyles, and D White

Reproductive ecology of the river lamprey, M H. Jang and M C. Lucas