Submissions from 2008

Mitigating the effects of high-head dams on the Columbia River, USA: experience from the trenches, J G. Williams

Making the case for ecosystem restoration by dam removal in the Elwha River, Washington, B D. Winter and P Crain

Comprehensive passage (COMPASS) model: a model of downstream migration and survival of juvenile salmonids through a hydropower system, R W. Zabel, J Faulkner, S G. Smith, J J. Anderson, C Van Holmes, N Beer, S Iltis, J Krinke, G Fredricks, B Bellerud, J Sweet, and A Giorgi

Impact of A Hydropower Plant on the Downstream Reach of A River, N Zdankus, S Vaikasas, and G Sabas

Submissions from 2007

Fish ladder of Lajeado Dam: migrations on one-way routes?, A A. Agostinho, E E. Marques, C S. Agostinho, D A. Almeida, R J. Oliveira, and J RB Melo

Selectivity of fish ladders: a bottleneck in Neotropical fish movement, C S. Agostinho, F M. Pelicice, D A. Almeida, E E. Marques, and A A. Agostinho

Movements through a fish ladder: temporal patterns and motivations to move upstream, C S. Agostinho, C R. Periera, R J. Oliveira, I S. Freitas, and E E. Marques

Optimal shape design for fishways in rivers, L J. Alvarez-Vazquez, A Martinez, C Rodriguez, M E. Vazquez-Mendez, and M A. Vilar

Evaluation of fish passage through the Igarapé Dam fish ladder (rio Paraopeba, Brazil), using marking and recapture, C MB Alves

Radiotelemetry of a female jaú, Zungaro jahu (Ihering, 1898) (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae), passed upstream of Funil Dam, rio Grande, Brazil, C MB Alves, L GM daSilva, and A L. Godinho

Blockage of migration routes by dam construction: can migratory fish find alternative routes?, R R. Antonio, A A. Agostinho, F M. Pelicice, D Bailly, E K. Okada, and J HP Dias

Efforts to aid downstream migrating brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) kelts and smolts passing a hydroelectric dam and a spillway, J V. Arnekleiv, M Kraabol, and J Museth

Can North American fish passage tools work for South American migratory fishes?, C RM Baigun, J M. Nestler, N O. Oldani, R A. Goodwin, and L J. Weber

Diet and feeding habits of predatory fishes upstream and downstream of a low-level weir, L J. Baumgartner

Passage of non-salmonid fish through a Deelder lock on a lowland river, L J. Baumgartner and J H. Harris

Experimental field study on the migratory behaviour of glass eels (Anguilla anguilla) at the interface of fresh and salt water, T P. Bult and W Dekker

South American fish passage symposium, G Cada

Temporal and spatial variation in quality of hyporheic water in one unregulated and two regulated boreal rivers, O Calles, L Nyberg, and L Greenberg

Flow dynamics and bedload sediment transport around paired deflectors for fish habitat enhancement: a field study in the Nicolet River, D M. Carre, P M. Biron, and S J. Gaskin

Slow dam passage in adult Columbia River salmonids associated with unsuccessful migration: Delayed negative effects of passage or condition-dependent mortality?, C C. Caudill, W R. Daigle, M L. Keefer, C T. Boggs, M A. Jepson, B J. Burke, R W. Zabel, T C. Bjornn, and C A. Peery

Application of several depth-averaged turbulence models to simulate flow in vertical slot fishways, L Cea, L Pena, J Puertas, M E. Vazquez-Cendon, and E Pena

Fish assemblages and seasonal movements of fish in irrigation canals and river reaches of the middle Rio Grande, New Mexico (USA), D E. Cowley, R C. Wissmar, and R Sallenave

Retrospective sampling strategies using video recordings to estimate fish passage at fishways, T D. Davies, D G. Kehler, and K R. Meade

Survival of juvenile rainbow trout passing through a Francis turbine, M Dedual

Applicatins of the Sensor Fish technology, Z. Daniel Deng, T J. Carlson, J P. Duncan, and M C. Richmond

Six-degree-of-freedom sensor fish design and instrumentation, Z Q. Deng, T J. Carlson, J P. Duncan, and M C. Richmond

Evaluation of blade-strike models for estimating the biological performance of Kaplan turbines, Z Q. Deng, T J. Carlson, G R. Ploskey, M C. Richmond, and D D. Dauble

Prototype measurements of pressure fluctuations in The Dalles Dam stilling basin, Z Q. Deng, G R. Guensch, M C. Richmond, M A. Weiland, and T J. Carlson

Flow regulation and fragmentation imperil pelagic-spawning riverine fishes, R K. Dudley and S P. Platania

The potential compatibility of offshore wind power and fisheries: An example using bluefin tuna in the Adriatic Sea, A H. Fayram and A de Risi

Bypass system modification at Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River improved the survival of juvenile salmon, J W. Ferguson, B P. Sandford, R E. Reagan, L G. Gilbreath, E B. Meyer, R D. Ledgerwood, and N S. Adams

Environmental factors related to entry into and ascent of fish in the experimental ladder located close to Itaipu Dam, D R. Fernandez, A A. Agostinho, L M. Bini, and L C. Gomes

Diel variation in the ascent of fishes up an experimental fish ladder at Itaipu Reservoir: fish size, reproductive stage and taxonomic group influences, D R. Fernandez, A A. Agostinho, L M. Bini, and F M. Pelicice

Hydropower production and river rehabilitation: A case study on an alpine river, M Fette, C Weber, A Peter, and B Wehrli

Effects of water velocity and trash rack architecture on juvenile fish passage and interactions: A simulation, E Y. Floyd, R Churchwell, and J J. Cech Jr.

Modelling the effects of dams on freshwater fish distributions in Hokkaido, Japan, M Fukushima, S Kameyama, M Kaneko, and K Nakao

A new tool to forecast fish movement and passage, R A. Godwin, J M. Nestler, J J. Anderson, and L J. Webber

Preliminary study on the application of radio-telemetry techniques to evaluate movements of fish in the Lateral canal at Itaipu Dam, Brazil, L Hahn, K English, J Carosfeld, L GM daSilva, J D. Latini, A A. Agostinho, and D R. Fernandez

Three-dimensional numerical simulation of flow around stream deflectors: The effect of obstruction angle and length, T W. Haltigin, P M. Biron, and M E. LaPointe

Validation of a 3D RANS model to predict flow and stratification effects related to fish passage at hydropower dams, M M. Haque, G Constantinescu, and L Weber

Understanding uncertainty in the effect of lowhead dams on fishes of Great Lakes tributaries, W J. Harford and R L. McLaughlin

Proposal of a sluice–type fish pass, M A. Haselbauer and C B. Martinez

Assessing potential effects of entrainment and impingement on fish stocks of the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary and Long Island Sound, D G. Heimbuch, D J. Dunning, Q E. Ross, and A F. Blumberg

Assessing coastwide effects of power plant entrainment and impingement on fish populations: Atlantic Menhaden example, D G. Heimbuch, E Lorda, D Vaughan, L W. Barnthouse, J Uphoff, W Van Winkle, A Kahnle, B Young, J Young, and L Kline

Quantitative Threat Analysis for Management of an Imperiled Species: Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), J M. Hoekstra, K K. Bartz, M H. Ruckelshaus, J M. Moslemi, and T K. Harms

Evaluation of Reconnection Options for White Sturgeon in the Snake River Using a Population Viability Model, H I. Jager, M S. Bevelhimer, K B. Lepla, J A. Chandler, and W Van Winkle

Brown trout seasonal movement patterns and habitat use in an urbanized South Dakota stream, D A. James, J W. Erickson, and B A. Barton

Just go with the flow? Route selection and mortality during downstream migration of silver eels in relation to river discharge, H M. Jansen, H V. Winter, M CM Bruijs, and J G. Polman

Geomorphic, aquatic, and engineering design considerations for low-water crossings, G R. Keller and K Clarkin

Performance of a pool-and-weir fish pass for small bottom-dwelling freshwater fish species in a regulated lowland river, G Knaepkens, E Maerten, and M Eens

Fish passage to be restored to much of Maine's Presumpscot, J Landers

Population response to habitat fragmentation in a stream-dwelling brook trout population, B H. Letcher, K H. Nislow, J A. Coombs, M J. O'Donnell, and T L. Dubreuil

A review of fish swimming mechanics and behaviour in altered flows, J C. Liao

Restructuring a peripheral coastal community: The case of a Galician fishing town, K B. Lindqvist and A P. Antelo

Fish passage ladders from Canoas Complex - Paranapanema River: evaluation of genetic structure maintenance of Salminus brasiliensis (Teleostei: Characiformes), C M. Lopes, F S. Almeida, M L. Orsi, S GC Britto, L MK Sodre, and R N. Sirol

The presence of anadromous twaite shad (Alosa fallax) in the Ebro River (western Mediterranean, Spain): an indicator of the population's recovery?, M A. Lopez, N Gazquez, J M. Olmo-Vidal, M W. Aprahamian, and E Gisbert

Improving the upstream passage of two galaxiid fish species through a pipe culvert, J I. MacDonald and P E. Davies

Walleye in the Grand River, Ontario: An overview of rehabilitation efforts, their effectiveness, and implications for eastern Lake Erie fisheries, T M. MacDougall, C C. Wilson, L M. Richardson, M Lavender, and P A. Ryan

Reproductive activity and recruitment of the yellow-mandi Pimelodus maculatus (Teleostei: Pimelodidae) in the Igarapava Reservoir, Grande River, Southeast Brazil, B P. Maia, S MF Ribiero, P M. Bizzotto, V Vono, and H P. Godinho

The Canal da Piracema at Itaipu Dam as a fish pass system, S Makrakis, L C. Gomes, M C. Makrakis, D R. Fernandez, and C S. Pavanelli

Utilization of the fish ladder at the Engenheiro Sergio Motta Dam, Brazil, by long distance migrating potamodromous species, S Makrakis, M C. Makrakis, R L. Wagner, J HP Dias, and L C. Gomes

Non-salmonids in a salmonid fishway: what do 50 years of data tell us about past and future fish passage?, M Mallen-Cooper and D A. Brand

Optimising Denil fishways for passage of small and large fishes, M Mallen-Cooper and I G. Stuart

Generating river bottom profiles with a dual-frequency identification sonar (DIDSON), S L. Maxwell and A V. Smith

Assessment of a technique to remove phosphorus from streamflow, R W. McDowell, M Hawke, and J J. McIntosh

Research to guide use of barriers, traps, and fishways to control sea lamprey, R L. McLaughlin, A Hallett, T C. Pratt, L M. O'Connor, and D G. McDonald

Rapid survey of road conditions to determine environmental effects and maintenance needs, K Mills, L Dent, and J L. Cornell

Movement patterns of Japanese fluvial sculpin Cottus pollux in a headwater stream, T Natsumeda

Experimental evaluation of fishway modifications on the passage behaviour of adult Chinook salmon and steelhead at Lower Granite Dam, Snake River, USA, G P. Naughton, C C. Caudill, C A. Peery, T S. Clabough, M A. Jepson, T C. Bjornn, and L C. Stuehrenberg

Ecological effects of density-independent mortality: Application to cooling-water withdrawals, S C. Newbold and R Iovanna

Population level impacts of cooling water withdrawals on harvested fish stocks, S C. Newbold and R Iovanna

Is fish passage technology saving fish resources in the lower La Plata River basin?, N O. Oldani, C RM Baigun, J M. Nestler, and R A. Goodwin

White sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) passage at the Dallas Dam, Columbia River, USA, M J. Parsley, C D. Wright, B K. van der Leeuw, E E. Kofoot, C A. Peery, and M L. Moser

Efficiency and selectivity of a trap and truck fish passage system in Brazil, P S. Pompeu and C B. Martinez

Review of small hydropower in the new Member States and Candidate Countries in the context of the enlarged European Union, P Punys and B Pelikan

Efficiently estimating salmon escapement uncertainty using systematically sampled data, J H. Reynolds, C A. Woody, N E. Gove, and L F. Fair

Mean flow and turbulence characteristics of a full-scale spiral corrugated culvert with implications for fish passage, M C. Richmond, Z Q. Deng, G R. Guensch, H Tritico, and W H. Pearson

Swimming performance of the migratory Neotropical fish Leporinus reinhardti (Characiformes: Anostomidae), H A. Santos, P S. Pompeu, and C B. Martinez

Developing fish passage and protection at hydropower dams, C R. Schilt

Conventional and EMG telemetry studies of upstream migration and tailrace attraction of adult Atlantic salmon at a hydroelectric installation on the Exploits River, Newfoundland, Canada, D A. Scruton, R K. Booth, C J. Pennell, F Cubitt, R S. McKinley, and K D. Clarke

Assessment of a retrofitted downstream fish bypass system for wild Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolts and kelts at a hydroelectric facility on the Exploits River, Newfoundland, Canada, D A. Scruton, C J. Pennell, C E. Bourgeois, R F. Goosney, T R. Porter, and K D. Clarke

An experimental study of louvers for fish diversion, D Shepherd, C Katopodis, and N Rajaratnam

Evidence for non-random spatial positioning of migrating smolts (Salmonidae) in a small lowland stream, J C. Svendsen, A O. Eskesen, K Aarestrup, A Koed, and A D. Jordan

Fish and cooling water intakes: Debunking the myths, E P. Taft, J L. Black, L R. Tuttle, and D Dixon

Long-term effects of catch-and-release angling on ascending Atlantic salmon during different stages of spawning migration, E B. Thorstad, T F. Naesje, and I Leinan

Effects of lowhead dams on unionids in the Fox River, Illinois, J S. Tiemann, H R. Dodd, N Owens, and D H. Wahl

Simulation of human effects on bull trout population dynamics in rimrock reservoir, Washington, K Underwood and S R. Cramer

Fish ladder selects biological traits in upstream migrating curimbata, Prochilodus lineatus, G L. Volpato, R E. Barreto, A L. Marcondes, P SA Moreira, and M FB Ferreira

Upstream swimming performance of adult white sturgeon: Effects of partial baffles and a ramp, J D. Webber, S N. Chun, T R. MacColl, L T. Mirise, A Kawabata, E K. Anderson, T S. Cheong, L Kavvas, M M. Rotondo, K L. Hochgraf, R Churchwell, and J J. Cech

Silver eel mortality during downstream migration in the River Meuse, from a population perspective, H V. Winter, H M. Jansen, and A W. Breukelaar