Submissions from 2009

Supercritical CO2-assisted, silicone-modified wood for enhanced fire resistance, SA Eastman, AJ Lesser, and TJ McCarthy

Phosphonic Acid-Based Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymers Derived from ROMP, T Eren and GN Tew

Electrostatics of capsid-induced viral RNA organization, C Forrey and M Muthukumar


Comparison of Facially Amphiphilic versus Segregated Monomers in the Design of Antibacterial Copolymers, Gregory J. Gabriel, Janet A. Maegerlein, Christopher F. Nelson, Jeffrey M. Dabkowski, Tarik Eren, Klaus Nüsslein, and Gregory N. Tew

An Attempt to Correct the Faulty Intuition Perpetuated by the Wenzel and Cassie "Laws", LC Gao and TJ McCarthy

Wetting 101 degrees, LC Gao and TJ McCarthy

Wetting and Superhydrophobicity, LC Gao, TJ McCarthy, and X Zhang

Azimuthal orientational correlations due to excluded volume epitaxy in growing anisotropic grains, SP Gido and A Panday

Braided bundles and compact coils: The structure and thermodynamics of hexagonally packed chiral filament assemblies, GM Grason

Artificial Protein Block Copolymers Blocks Comprising Two Distinct Self-Assembling Domains, JS Haghpanah, C Yuvienco, DE Civay, H Barra, PJ Baker, S Khapli, N Voloshchuk, SK Gunasekar, M Muthukumar, and JK Montclare

Effect of Gelation Temperature on PLA-PEO-PLA Physical Hydrogel Morphology, S Harwood, GN Tew, and SR Bhatia

Self-Assembly of Tobacco Mosaic Virus at Oil/Water Interfaces, JB He, ZW Niu, R Tangirala, JY Wan, XY Wei, G Kaur, Q Wang, G Jutz, A Boker, B Lee, SV Pingali, P Thiyagarajan, T Emrick, and TP Russell

Fabrication of Ordered Mesoporous Silica Films with Encapsulated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles using Ferritin-Doped Block Copolymer Templates, DM Hess, RR Naik, C Rinaldi, MM Tomczak, and JJ Watkins

Hydrophobicity of Perfluoroalkyl Isocyanate Monolayers on Oxidized Aluminum Surfaces, A Hozumi, B Kim, and TJ McCarthy

Vapor-Phase Formation of Alkyl Isocyanate-Derived Self-Assembled Monolayers on Titanium Dioxide, A Hozumi, B Kim, and TJ McCarthy

Synthesis of Photoisomerizable Block Copolymers by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization, CF Huang, W Chen, TP Russell, AC Balazs, FC Chang, and K Matyjaszewski

Poly(9,9-Dihexylfluorene) Layers Grown via Surface-Directed Ni(0) Condensation Polymerization, SB Jhaveri, JJ Peterson, and KR Carter

Non-specific adhesion on biomaterial surfaces driven by small amounts of protein adsorption, S Kalasin and MM Santore

Interfacial Assembly of Turnip Yellow Mosaic Virus Nanoparticles, G Kaur, JB He, J Xu, SV Pingali, G Jutz, A Boker, ZW Niu, T Li, D Rawlinson, T Emrick, B Lee, P Thiyagarajan, TP Russell, and Q Wang

Enhanced resistance of DNA nanostructures to enzymatic digestion, JW Keum and H Bermudez

Stimuli-Responsive Surfaces Utilizing Cleavable Polymer Brush Layers, D Koylu and KR Carter

PC-Polyolefins: Synthesis and Assembly Behavior in Water, K Kratz, K Breitenkamp, R Hule, D Pochan, and T Emrick

Counterion Adsorption on Flexible Polyelectrolytes: Comparison of Theories, R Kumar, A Kundagrami, and M Muthukumar

Origin of translocation barriers for polyelectrolyte chains, R Kumar and M Muthukumar


Cavitation and fracture behavior of polyacrylamide hydrogels, Santanu Kundu and Alfred J. Crosby

Phage Wrapping with Cationic Polymers Eliminates Nonspecific Binding between M13 Phage and High p/Target Proteins, JA Lamboy, JA Arter, KA Knopp, D Der, CM Overstreet, EF Palermo, H Urakami, TB Yu, O Tezgel, GN Tew, ZB Guan, K Kuroda, and GA Weiss

Controlling Orientation and Functionalization in Thin Films of Block Copolymers, C Lee, SH Kim, and TP Russell

Phase behavior of polyelectrolyte solutions with salt, CL Lee and M Muthukumar

Synthesis and photophysical property of well-defined donor-acceptor diblock copolymer based on regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) and fullerene, JU Lee, A Cirpan, T Emrick, TP Russell, and WH Jo

Synthesis and photophysical property of well-defined donor-acceptor diblock copolymer based on regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) and fullerene, JU Lee, A Cirpan, T Emrick, TP Russell, and WH Jo


"Doubly Selective" Antimicrobial Polymers: How Do They Differentiate between Bacteria?, Karen Lienkamp, Kushi-Nidhi Kumar, Abhigyan Som, Klaus Nüsslein, and Gregory N. Tew

Water-Soluble Polymers from Acid-Functionalized Norbornenes, K Lienkamp, CF Kins, SF Alfred, AE Madkour, and GN Tew

Antimicrobial Polymers Prepared by Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization: Manipulating Antimicrobial Properties by Organic Counterion and Charge Density Variation, K Lienkamp, AE Madkour, KN Kumar, K Nusslein, and GN Tew

Synthetic Mimics of Antimicrobial Peptides-A Versatile Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization Based Platform for the Synthesis of Selective Antibacterial and Cell-Penetrating Polymers, K Lienkamp and GN Tew

Relaxation of Thin Films of Polystyrene Floating on Ionic Liquid Surface, HY Lu, W Chen, and TP Russell


Fast Disinfecting Antimicrobial Surfaces, Ahmad E. Madkour, Jeffrey M. Dabkowski, Klaus Nüsslein, and Gregory N. Tew

Proton Conducting Polymers Containing 1H-1,2,3-Triazole Moieties, S Martwiset, O Yavuzcetin, M Thorn, C Versek, M Tuominen, and EB Coughlin

Status of the Gobi bear in Mongolia as determined by noninvasive genetic methods, TM McCarthy, LP Waits, and B Mijiddorj

Block-Copolymer-Based Plasmonic Nanostructures, PA Mistark, S Park, SE Yalcin, DH Lee, O Yavuzcetin, MT Tuominen, TP Russell, and M Achermann

Flame Resistant Electrospun Polymer Nanofibers from Deoxybenzoin-based Polymers, S Moon, BC Ku, T Emrick, BE Coughlin, and RJ Farris

Direct Passivation of Hydride-Terminated Silicon (100) Surfaces by Free-Radically Tethered Polymer Brushes, IW Moran and KR Carter

Theory of competitive adsorption-nucleation in polypeptide-mediated biomineralization, M Muthukumar

Dual-Tone Patterned Mesoporous Silicate Films Templated From Chemically Amplified Block Copolymers, S Nagarajan, TP Russell, and JJ Watkins

Synthesis and Characterization of Bionanoparticle-Silica Composites and Mesoporous Silica with Large Pores, ZW Niu, S Kabisatpathy, JB He, LA Lee, JH Rong, L Yang, G Sikha, BN Popov, TS Emrick, TP Russell, and Q Wang

Synthesis and Characterization of Bionanoparticle-Silica Composites and Mesoporous Silica with Large Pores, ZW Niu, S Kabisatpathy, JB He, LA Lee, JH Rong, L Yang, G Sikha, BN Popov, TS Emrick, TP Russell, and Q Wang

Diffusion of Circular DNA in Two-Dimensional Cavity Arrays, D Nykypanchuk, DA Hoagland, and HH Strey

Research in Macromolecular Science: Challenges and Opportunities for the Next Decade, CK Ober, SZD Cheng, PT Hammond, M Muthukumar, E Reichmanis, KL Wooley, and TP Lodge

Competitive Coadsorption Dynamics in Surfactant-Copolymer Formulations, PBY Ofir, B Zdyrko, and MM Santore

Biopolymerization-driven self-assembly of nanofiber air-bridges, S Pabba, MM Yazdanpanah, BHF Totten, VV Dobrokhotov, JM Rathfon, GN Tew, and RW Cohn

Enzyme-Modulated DNA Translocation through a Nanopore, AS Panwar and M Muthukumar

Preparation of Metallic Line Patterns from Functional Block Copolymers, S Park, B Kim, A Cirpan, and TP Russell

Lateral Ordering of Cylindrical Microdomains Under Solvent Vapor, S Park, B Kim, J Xu, T Hofmann, BM Ocko, and TP Russell

Macroscopic 10-Terabit-per-Square- Inch Arrays from Block Copolymers with Lateral Order, S Park, DH Lee, J Xu, B Kim, SW Hong, U Jeong, T Xu, and TP Russell

A Simple Top-Down/Bottom-Up Approach to Sectored, Ordered Arrays of Nanoscopic Elements Using Block Copolymers, S Park, O Yavuzcetin, B Kim, MT Tuominen, and TP Russell

Polyfluorene with p-carborane in the backbone, JJ Peterson, YC Simon, EB Coughlin, and KR Carter

Carborane-Containing Polyfluorene: o-Carborane in the Main Chain, JJ Peterson, M Werre, YC Simon, EB Coughlin, and KR Carter


Friction of soft elastomeric wrinkled surfaces, CJ Rand and AJ Crosby

Fluorimetric Nerve Gas Sensing Based on Pyrene Imines Incorporated into Films and Sub-Micrometer Fibers, JM Rathfon, ZM Al-Badri, R Shunmugam, SM Berry, S Pabba, RS Keynton, RW Cohn, and GN Tew

Formation of Oriented, Suspended Fibers by Melting Free Standing Polystyrene Thin Films, JM Rathfon, JM Grolman, AJ Crosby, and GN Tew

POLYMERS Performing under pressure, TP Russell and DH Lee

Deoxybenzoin-based epoxy resins, BY Ryu, S Moon, I Kosif, T Ranganathan, RJ Farris, and T Emrick

Cylindrical Microdomain Orientation of PS-b-PMMA on the Balanced Interfacial Interactions: Composition Effect of Block Copolymers, DY Ryu, S Ham, E Kim, U Jeong, CJ Hawker, and TP Russell

Highly Ordered Gold Nanotubes Using Thiols at a Cleavable Block Copolymer Interface, JH Ryu, S Park, B Kim, A Klaikherd, TP Russell, and S Thayumanavan

Conformation and dynamics of model polymer in connected chamber-pore system, EJ Saltzman and M Muthukumar


Beyond Molecular Recognition: Using a Repulsive Field to Tune Interfacial Valency and Binding Specificity between Adhesive Surfaces, Maria M. Santore, Jun Zhang, Sudhanshu Srivastava, and Vincent M. Rotello

Cooperativity and Frustration in Protein-Mediated Parallel Actin Bundles, H Shin, KRP Drew, JR Bartles, GCL Wong, and GM Grason

Mesophases of soft-sphere aggregates, HM Shin, GM Grason, and CD Santangelo

Silylcarborane Acrylate Nanoimprint Lithography Resists, YC Simon, IW Moran, KR Carter, and EB Coughlin

Synthesis of Polyfluorenes with Pendant Silylcarboranes, YC Simon, JJ Peterson, C Mangold, KR Carter, and EB Coughlin

Synthesis of Polyfluorenes with Pendant Silylcarboranes, YC Simon, JJ Peterson, C Mangold, KR Carter, and EB Coughlin

Wet-Spinning of Osmotically Stressed Silk Fibroin, S Sohn and SP Gido

Monovalent Salt Effects on the Membrane Activity of Antimicrobial Polymers, A Som, Y Choi, and GN Tew

Divalent Metal Ion Triggered Activity of a Synthetic Antimicrobial in Cardiolipin Membranes, A Som, LH Yang, GCL Wong, and GN Tew

Control of internal (2D and 3D hexagonal) mesostructure and particle morphology of spherical mesoporous silica particles using the emulsion and solvent evaporation (ESE) method, MH Sorensen, JT Zhu, RW Corkery, RC Hayward, and PCA Alberius


Nanoimprinted Polyethyleneimine: A Multimodal Template for Nanoparticle Assembly and Immobilization, C Subramani, Y Ofir, D Patra, BJ Jordan, IW Moran, MH Park, KR Carter, and VM Rotello

Functional Si and CdSe Quantum Dots: Synthesis, Conjugate Formation, and Photoluminescence Quenching by Surface Interactions, PK Sudeep and T Emrick

Pearls of Wisdom: Stringing Nanoparticles and Polymers into New Assemblies and Materials, PK Sudeep and T Emrick

Connecting quantum dots and bionanoparticles in hybrid nanoscale ultra-thin films, R Tangirala, YX Hu, M Joralemon, QL Zhang, JB He, TP Russell, and T Emrick

A Novel Approach to Addressable 4 Teradot/in.(2) Patterned Media, SG Xiao, XM Yang, SJ Park, D Weller, and TP Russell

Locally Anisotropic Porous Materials from Polyethylene and Crystallizable Diluents, J Yoon, AJ Lesser, and TJ McCarthy

Self-Reinforcing Isotactic Polypropylene Prepared Using Crystallizable Solvents, J Yoon, TJ Mccarthy, and AJ Lesser

Study of growth behaviour and microstructure of epitaxially grown self-assembled Ge quantum dots on nanometer-scale patterned SiO2/Si(001) substrates, TS Yoon, HM Kim, KB Kim, DY Ryu, TP Russell, ZM Zhao, J Liu, and YH Xie

Simulations of nucleation and elongation of amyloid fibrils, JN Zhang and M Muthukumar

Donor-Acceptor Poly(thiophene-block-perylene diimide) Copolymers: Synthesis and Solar Cell Fabrication, QL Zhang, A Cirpan, TP Russell, and T Emrick

Catalytic activity correlation of Ni(II), Co(II) and Pd(II) complexes to metal atom net charge, XF Zhang, BG Duan, WH Sun, SL Hsu, and XZ Yang

Tuning the assembly of amphiphilic block copolymers through instabilities of solvent/water interfaces in the presence of aqueous surfactants, JT Zhu, N Ferrer, and RC Hayward

Submissions from 2008

Diblock copolymers containing metal complexes in the side chain of one block, KA Aamer, WH De Jeu, and GN Tew

Nanoparticle-Reinforced Associative Network Hydrogels, SK Agrawal, N Sanabria-DeLong, GN Tew, and SR Bhatia

Structural characterization of PLA-PEO-PLA solutions and hydrogels: Crystalline vs amorphous PLA domains, SK Agrawal, N Sanabria-DeLong, GN Tew, and SR Bhatia

Investigating the Effect of Increasing Charge Density on the Hemolytic Activity of Synthetic Antimicrobial Polymers, ZM Al-Badri, A Som, S Lyon, CF Nelson, K Nusslein, and GN Tew

Well-defined acetylene-functionalized oxanorbornene polymers and block copolymers, ZM Al-Badri and GN Tew

Untitled - Discussion, C Alexander, H Bermudez, N Tirelli, N Cameron, A Donald, T McLeish, T Waigh, M Weir, R Richter, P Verdugo, B Khatri, A Corrigan, R Ettelaie, R Hashim, J Kressler, J Dalmaroni, R Sear, P Fratzl, P Cifra, and G Battaglia

Water soluble poly(ethylene oxide) functionalized norbornene polymers, SF Alfred, ZM Al-Badri, AE Madkour, K Lienkamp, and GN Tew

Water-soluble ROMP polymers from amine-functionalized norbornenes, SF Alfred, K Lienkamp, AE Madkour, and GN Tew

Poly(trifluoroethylene) adsorption and heterogeneous photochlorination reactions, I Anac, VP Hoven, and TJ McCarthy

Effect of nanoparticles on the electrohydrodynamic instabilities of polymer/nanoparticle thin films, J Bae, E Glogowski, S Gupta, W Chen, T Emrick, and TP Russell

Incorporating stimulus-responsive character into filamentous virus assemblies, H Bermudez and AP Hathorne

Pentalysine-grafted ROMP polymers for DNA complexation and delivery, RB Breitenkamp and T Emrick

Surface modification of tobacco mosaic virus with "Click" chemistry, MA Bruckman, G Kaur, LA Lee, F Xie, J Sepulvecla, R Breitenkamp, X Zhang, M Joralemon, TP Russell, T Emrick, and Q Wang