Submissions from 2007

Spin system assignment of homo-o-phenylene ethynylene oligomers, MM Slutsky, TV Jones, and GN Tew

Polymer-nanoparticle composites: Preparative methods and electronically active materials, PK Sudeep and T Emrick

Sizing nanoparticle-covered droplets by extrusion through track-etch membranes, R Tangirala, R Revanur, TP Russell, and T Emrick

Mesoporous silica films with long-range order prepared from strongly segregated block copolymer/homopolymer blend templates, VR Tirumala, RA Pai, S Agarwal, JJ Testa, G Bhatnagar, AH Romang, C Chandler, BP Gorman, RL Jones, EK Lin, and JJ Watkins

Surface patterning, IY Tsai, AJ Crosby, and TP Russell

Surface patterning, IY Tsai, AJ Crosby, and TP Russell

Evaluating environmental stress cracking thresholds by contact angle measurements, PJ Walsh and AJ Lesser

Polymer capture by electro-osmotic flow of oppositely charged nanopores, CTA Wong and M Muthukumar

Intrinsically proton conducting polymers and copolymers containing benzimidazole moieties: Glass transition effects, RC Woudenberg, O Yavuzeetin, MT Tuorninen, and EB Coughlin

Synthetic antimicrobial, oligomers induce a composition-dependent topological transition in membranes, LH Yang, VD Gordon, A Mishra, A Sorn, KR Purdy, MA Davis, GN Tew, and GCL Wong

Analysis of rapid chain dynamics in isochronal dielectric measurements of polymers, YN Yang, WC Lai, and SL Hsu

Spectroscopic analysis of amorphous structure in fluorinated polymers, Y Yang, GL Wu, S Ramalingam, SL Hsu, L Kleiner, and FW Tang

Microstructure analysis of epitaxially grown self-assembled Ge islands on nanometer-scale patterned SiO2/Si substrates by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, TS Yoon, HM Kim, KB Kim, DY Ryu, TP Russell, Z Zhao, J Liu, and YH Xie

Monte Carlo simulations of single crystals from polymer solutions, JN Zhang and M Muthukumar

Highly ordered nanoporous thin films from cleavable polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene oxide), MF Zhang, L Yang, S Yurt, MJ Misner, JT Chen, EB Coughlin, D Venkataraman, and TP Russell

Synthesis and characterization of CdSe nanorods functionalized with regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene), QL Zhang, TP Russell, and T Emrick

Synthesis and characterization of CdSe nanorods functionalized with regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene), QL Zhang, TP Russell, and T Emrick

Cavitation rheology for soft materials, JA Zimberlin, N Sanabria-DeLong, GN Tew, and AJ Crosby

Ordered CdSe nanoparticles within self-assembled block copolymer domains on surfaces, S Zou, R Hong, T Emrick, and GC Walker

Ordered arrays of < 100 >-oriented silicon nanorods by CMOS-compatible block copolymer lithography, D Zschech, DH Kim, AP Milenin, R Scholz, R Hillebrand, CJ Hawker, TP Russell, M Steinhart, and U Gosele

Submissions from 2006

Observation of nematic texture in a diblock copolymer melt, FM Abuzaina, BA Garetz, AJ Patel, MC Newstein, SP Gido, XC Hu, and NP Balsara

Novel drug release profiles from micellar solutions of PLA-PEO-PLA triblock copolymers, SK Agrawal, N Sanabria-DeLong, JM Coburn, GN Tew, and SR Bhatia

Novel drug release profiles from micellar solutions of PLA-PEO-PLA triblock copolymers, SK Agrawal, N Sanabria-DeLong, JM Coburn, GN Tew, and SR Bhatia

Triblock PLLA-PEO-PLLA hydrogels: Structure and mechanical properties, SK Agrawal, HA Sardhina, KA Aamer, N Sanabria-DeLong, SR Bhatia, and GN Tew

Quantitative contrasts in the copolymerization of acrylate- and methacrylate-based comonomers, AM Alb, P Enohnyaket, MF Drenski, R Shunmugam, GN Tew, and WF Reed

Trichroic vibrational analysis on the alpha-form of poly(lactic acid) crystals using highly oriented fibers and spherulites, K Aou and SL Hsu

Membrane activity of biomimetic facially amphiphilic antibiotics, L Arnt, JR Rennie, S Linser, R Willumeit, and GN Tew

Nanoparticle polymer composites: Where two small worlds meet, AC Balazs, T Emrick, and TP Russell

Patterned polyfluorene surfaces by functionalization of nanoimprinted polymeric features, M Beinhoff, AT Appapillai, LD Underwood, JE Frommer, and KR Carter

Photochemical attachment of reactive cross-linked polymer films to Si/SiO2 surfaces and subsequent polymer brush growth, M Beinhoff, J Frommer, and KR Carter

Electrostatic origin of the genome packing in viruses, VA Belyi and M Muthukumar

Hollow microcapsules for drug delivery by self-assembly and cross-linking of amphiphilic graft copolymers, K Breitenkamp, D Junge, and T Emrick

Comparing reinforcement strategies for epoxy networks using reactive and non-reactive fortifiers, KJ Calzia, A Forcum, and AJ Lesser

Manifold assembly for the convenient polymerization of ethylene oxide and butadiene, G Cardoen, K Breitenkamp, T Emrick, and EB Coughlin

Nanocontact molding imprint lithography: Not just another technology to pattern sacrificial polymer resists, KR Carter, T von Werne, M Beinhoff, EC Hagberg, and SB Jhaveri

Fabricating microlens arrays by surface wrinkling, EP Chan and AJ Crosby

Quantifying release in step-and-flash imprint lithography, EP Chan and AJ Crosby

Spontaneous formation of stable aligned wrinkling patterns, EP Chan and AJ Crosby

Quantifying the mechanisms of adhesion and release in imprint lithography, EP Chan, DP Holmes, J Whang, and AJ Crosby

Observing a molecular knife at work, XY Chen, HZ Tang, MA Even, J Wang, GN Tew, and Z Chen

Deoxybenzoin-based polyarylates as halogen-free fire-resistant polymers, KA Ellzey, T Ranganathan, J Zilberman, EB Coughlin, RJ Farris, and T Emrick

Ultrathin sheets of nanoparticles and polymers with controlled cross-link density, T Emrick, R Tangirala, and TP Russell

Langevin dynamics simulations of genome packing in bacteriophage, C Forrey and M Muthukumar

A perfectly hydrophobic surface, LC Gao and TJ McCarthy

A perfectly hydrophobic surface (theta(A)/theta(R)=180 degrees/180 degrees), LC Gao and TJ McCarthy

Contact angle hysteresis explained, LC Gao and TJ McCarthy

The "lotus effect" explained: Two reasons why two length scales of topography are important, LC Gao and TJ McCarthy


"Artificial lotus leaf" prepared using a 1945 patent and a commercial textile, Lichao Gao and Thomas J. McCarthy

Functionalization of nanoparticles for dispersion in polymers and assembly in fluids, E Glogowski, R Tangirala, TP Russell, and T Emrick

Entropy-driven segregation of nanoparticles to cracks in multilayered composite polymer structures, S Gupta, QL Zhang, T Emrick, AC Balazs, and TP Russell

"Self-corralling" nanorods under an applied electric field, S Gupta, QL Zhang, T Emrick, and TP Russell

Coverage-mediated suppression of blinking in solid state quantum dot conjugated organic composite nanostructures, NI Hammer, KT Early, K Sill, MY Odoi, T Emrick, and MD Barnes

Nylon surface modification: 2. Nylon-supported composite films, M Herrera-Alonso, TJ McCarthy, and XQ Jia

In situ observation of place exchange reactions of gold nanoparticles. Correlation of monolayer structure and stability, R Hong, JM Fernandez, H Nakade, R Arvizo, T Emrick, and VM Rotello

Solid-state processing of polymer in the presence of supercritical carbon dioxide, XB Hu and AJ Lesser

Amphiphilic poly(phenyleneethynylene)s can mimic antimicrobial peptide membrane disordering effect by membrane insertion, Y Ishitsuka, L Arnt, J Majewski, S Frey, M Ratajczek, K Kjaer, GN Tew, and KYC Lee

Morphology evolution and associated curing kinetics in reactive blends, YG Jeong, T Hashida, CM Nelson, SL Hsu, and CW Paul

Analysis of the multistep solidification process in polymer blends, YG Jeong, T Hashida, GL Wu, SL Hsu, and CW Paul

Effects of polyester-poor phase microstructures on viscosity development of polymer blends, YG Jeong, NV Pagodina, C Jiang, SL Hsu, and CW Paul

Influence of copolymer configuration on the phase behavior of ternary blends, YG Jeong, S Ramalingam, J Archer, SW Hsu, and CW Paul

Synthesis of core-shell and acid sensitive polymeric nanoparticles, SB Jhaveri, D Koylu, and KR Carter

Nylon surface modification. Part 1. Targeting the amide groups for selective introduction of reactive functionalities, XQ Jia, M Herrera-Alonso, and TJ McCarthy

Stabilization of alpha-chymotrypsin at air-water interface through surface binding to gold nanoparticle scaffolds, BJ Jordan, R Hong, B Gider, J Hill, T Emrick, and VM Rotello

Self-assembled structures with liquid-crystalline order in aqueous solution by patterning poly(phenylene ethynylene)s, T Kim, L Arnt, E Atkins, and GN Tew

Synthesis of reactive chemical additives for functional nanoimprinted polymer film, D Koylu, SB Jhaveri, and KR Carter

Manipulation of micrometer-scale adhesion by tuning nanometer-scale surface features, N Kozlova and MM Santore

Influence of carbon dioxide swelling on the closed-loop phase behavior of block copolymers, KA Lavery, JD Sievert, JJ Watkins, TP Russell, DY Ryu, and JK Kim

Alignment and entrapment of nanoparticles during failure of polymer nanocomposites, JY Lee, QL Zhang, T Emrick, and AJ Crosby

Nanoparticle alignment and repulsion during failure of glassy polymer nanocomposites, JY Lee, QL Zhang, T Emrick, and AJ Crosby

Synthesis and morphology of fluorinated and sulfonated block copolymers, JW Mays, TZ Huang, and SP Gido

Microwave assisted polyfluorene brush growth from a nanoimprinted surface functionalized by a new fluorenyl methacrylate, IW Moran, SB Jhaveri, and KR Carter

Simulation of polymer translocation through protein channels, M Muthukumar and CY Kong

Study and characterization of tobacco mosaic virus head-to-tail assembly assisted by aniline polymerization, ZW Niu, M Bruckman, VS Kotakadi, JB He, T Emrick, TP Russell, L Yang, and Q Wang


Broad-spectrum antibacterial activity by a novel abiogenic peptide mimic, Klaus Nüsslein, Lachelle Arnt, Jason Rennie, Cullen Owens, and Gregory N. Tew

Observation of enhanced energy transfer in individual quantum dot-oligophenylene vinylene nanostructures, MY Odoi, NI Hammer, K Sill, T Emrick, and MD Barnes

Reactive deposition of conformal ruthenium films from supercritical carbon dioxide, A O'Neil and JJ Watkins

Entropy and enthalpy of polyelectrolyte complexation: Langevin dynamics simulations, ZY Ou and M Muthukumar

Synthesis of mesoporous organosilicate films in supercritical carbon dioxide, RA Pai and JJ Watkins

Crystallization-induced interconnected structure in semicrystallizable polyester/polyether binary blends, NV Pogodina, YG Jeong, S Ramalingam, C Jiang, SL Hsu, and CW Paul

Origin of the formation of the 4-butenyl end group in zirconocene-catalyzed propylene polymerization, B Quevedo-Sanchez, MA Henson, and EB Coughlin

Kinetic modeling of the effect of MAO/Zr ratio and chain transfer to aluminum in zirconocene catalyzed propylene polymerization, B Quevedo-Sanchez, JF Nimmons, EB Coughlin, and MA Henson

Insight into the periodicity of Schallamach waves in soft material friction, CJ Rand and AJ Crosby

Synthesis and characterization of halogen-free antiflammable polyphosphonates containing 4,4 '-bishydroxydeoxybenzoin, T Ranganathan, J Zilberman, RJ Farris, EB Coughlin, and T Emrick

Synthesis and characterization of halogen-free antiflammable polyphosphonates containing 4,4 '-bishydroxydeoxybenzoin, T Ranganathan, J Zilberman, RJ Farris, EB Coughlin, and T Emrick

Effect of deprotection extent on swelling and dissolution regimes of thin polymer films, A Rao, SH Kang, BD Vogt, VM Prabhu, EK Lin, WL Wu, and M Muthukumar

Self-corralling of nanorods under electric fields, TP Russell, T Emrick, QL Zhang, and S Gupta

Controlling hydrogel properties by crystallization of hydrophobic domains, N Sanabria-DeLong, SK Agrawal, SR Bhatia, and GN Tew

Generic overlapping cracks in polymers: Modeling of interaction, R Sankar and AJ Lesser

Polyelectrolytes (year 2), M Santore

Manipulation of particle adhesion and motion using distributed surface features, MM Santore

Adhesion of polymer membranes with tethered stickers, MM Santore and J Nam

Self-assembled vesicles from an amphiphilic ortho-phenylene ethynylene macrocycle, SH Seo, JY Chang, and GN Tew

Liquid crystalline order from ortho-phenylene ethynylene macrocycles, SH Seo, TV Jones, H Seyler, JO Peters, TH Kim, JY Chang, and GN Tew

Lyotropic columnar liquid crystals based on polycatenar 1H-imidazole amphiphiles and their assembly into bundles at the surface of silicon, SH Seo, GN Tew, and JY Chang

Kinetics of cuprous oxide etching with beta-diketones in Supercritical CO2, XY Shan and JJ Watkins

Unique emission from side chain terpyridine polymer based lanthanide alloys, R Shunmugam and GN Tew

Mechanical properties and hysteresis behaviour of multigraft copolymers, U Staudinger, R Weidisch, Y Zhu, SP Gido, D Uhrig, JW Mays, H Iatrou, and N Hadjichristidis

Biomimetic facially amphiphilic antibacterial oligomers with conformationally stiff backbones, H Tang, RJ Doerksen, TV Jones, ML Klein, and GN Tew

Capturing host defense peptide activity in simple oligomers, GN Tew

Novel block copolymers with terpyridine pendant groups, GN Tew, KA Aamer, and R Shunmugam