Submissions from 2005

Reaction of organosilanes with chromium surfaces, I Anac and TJ McCarthy

Morphological study on thermal shrinkage and dimensional stability associated with oriented poly(lactic acid), K Aou, SH Kang, and SL Hsu

Design and synthesis of new polymeric materials for organic nonvolatile electrical bistable storage devices: Poly(biphenylmethylene)s, M Beinhoff, LD Bozano, JC Scott, and KR Carter

Crosspoint memory cells based on organic-metal structures., L Bozano, RC Chiechi, M Beinhoff, KR Carter, and JC Scott

Organic materials and thin-film structures for cross-point memory cells based on trapping in metallic nanoparticles, LD Bozano, BW Kean, M Beinhoff, KR Carter, PM Rice, and JC Scott

Macroscopic nanotemplating of semiconductor films with hydrogen-bonded lyotropic liquid crystals, PV Braun, P Osenar, M Twardowski, GN Tew, and SI Stupp

Amphiphilic ruthenium benzylidene metathesis catalyst with PEG-substituted pyridine ligands, K Breitenkamp and T Emrick

Facially amphiphilic phenylene ethynylenes, RB Breitenkamp, L Arnt, and GN Tew

Tethered constrained-geometry catalysts in mesoporous silica: Probing the influence of the "second sphere" on polymer properties, SL Burkett, S Soukasene, KL Milton, R Welch, AJ Little, RM Kasi, and EB Coughlin

Improved reinforcement of nano-silicate composites with antiplasticizers, KJ Calkia, A Forcum, and AJ Lesser

POSS containing multiblock copolymers as model of well-defined organicinorganic hybrid materials, G Cardoen, JW Mays, SP Gido, TP Russell, XC Hu, D Baskaran, and EB Coughlin

Micron and nanometer sized contact pattern replication: Advanced stamping and molding., KR Carter

Photocurable resists for imprint lithography., KR Carter

Generation of stable ultrahydrophilic surfaces by poly(hydroxymethylene) adsorption, E Cataltaria and TJ McCarthy

Defects in a noncentrosymmetric lamellar block copolymer blend, SJ Chen, SP Gido, T Tsoukatos, A Avgeropoulos, N Hadjichristidis, KL Hong, and JW Mays

Emulsion polymerization of functionalized norbornenes and oxanorbornenes, JF Craymer and EB Coughlin

Supported piano-stool catalysts for styrene and ethylene-styrene polymerizations., JF Craymer and EB Coughlin

Copolymerizations of ethylene and alpha-olefins with supported piano-stool catalysts, JF Craymer, RM Kasi, and EB Coughlin

Controlling polymer adhesion with "pancakes", AJ Crosby, M Hageman, and A Duncan

Combinatorial methods and nanostructure defects, AJ Crosby, JY Lee, and EP Chan

The competitive influence of specific interactions and extent of reaction on the miscibility of ternary reactive polymer blends: model for polyurethane adhesives, DJ Duffy, AM Heintz, HD Stidham, SL Hsu, W Suen, and CW Paul

Isotactic poly(propylene) crystallization: Role of small fractions of high or low molecular weight polymer, A Elmoumni, RA Gonzalez-Ruiz, EB Coughlin, and HH Winter

A multilens measurement platform for high-throughput adhesion measurements, AM Forster, WH Zhang, AJ Crosby, and CM Stafford

Connectivity of domains in microphase separated polymer materials: Morphological characterization and influence on properties, SP Gido

Mixed monolayer coverage on gold nanoparticles for interfacial stabilization of immiscible fluids, E Glogowski, JB He, TP Russell, and T Emrick

The role of ligand functionalization in nanoparticle assembly and cross-linking at fluid-fluid interfaces, E Glogowski, R Tangirala, Y Lin, H Skaff, A Dinsmore, TP Russell, and T Emrick

Spectroscopic study on morphology evolution in polymer blends, T Hashida, YG Jeong, Y Hua, SL Hsu, and CW Paul

A spectroscopic analysis of the phase evolution in polyurethane foams, AM Heintz, DJ Duffy, CM Nelson, Y Hua, SL Hsu, W Suen, and CW Paul

Monolayer-controlled substrate selectivity using non-covalent enzyme-nanoparticle conjugates, R Hong, T Emrick, and VM Rotello

Surface PEGylation and ligand exchange chemistry of FePt nanoparticles for biological applications, R Hong, NO Fischer, T Emrick, and VM Rotello

Grain growth kinetics of A(n)B(n) star block copolymers in supercritical. carbon dioxide, XC Hu, SP Gido, TP Russell, H Iatrou, N Hadjichristidis, FM Abuzaina, and BA Garetz

The effect of molecular architecture on the grain growth kinetics of A(n)B(n) star block copolymers, XC Hu, YQ Zhu, SP Gido, TP Russell, H Iatrou, N Hadjichristidis, FM Abuzaina, and BA Garetz

Comparative deformational characteristics of poly(styrene-b-ethylene-co-butylene-b-styrene) thermoplastic elastomers and cross-linked natural rubber, KK Indukuri and AJ Lesser

Block copolymer-derived nano-templated surfaces for investigation of nanophysics of wetting, N Intasanta, EB Coughlin, and T Russell

Insertion study of antimicrobial peptide mimicking polymer, meta-phenylene ethynylenes, with model cell membranes, Y Ishitsuka, L Arnt, M Ratajczak, J Majewski, G Tew, K Kjaer, and KYC Lee

Multilayer fabrication using hydrophobic interactions, K Jayaraman, SL Hsu, and TJ McCarthy

Factors influencing curing Behavior in phase-separated structures, YG Jeong, T Hashida, SL Hsu, and CW Paul

Synthesis of core-shell nanoparticles using surface initiated living free radical polymerization, SB Jhaveri, D Maschke, D Koylu, and KR Carter

Nylon surface modification: Targeting the amide groups for selective introduction of reactive functionalities., XQ Jia, M Herrera-Alonso, and TJ McCarthy

Solution H-1 NMR confirmation of folding in short o-phenylene ethynylene oligomers, TV Jones, MM Slutsky, R Laos, TFA de Greef, and GN Tew

Synthesis and characterization of electronic variations of ortho-phenylene ethynylene oligomers, TV Jones, M Slutsky, and GN Tew

Preparation of functional nanoporous silica for encapsulation of CdSe nanoparticles, CD Ki, T Emrick, and JY Chang

Preparation of crystalline polymer nanorods and their composites in carbon dioxide, T Kim and TJ McCarthy

Simulations of Stochastic sensing of proteins, CY Kong and M Muthukumar

Norbornene polymerizations using neutral nickel salicylaidiminato catalysts with borane activators, P Krishnamurthy and EB Coughlin

Two-sided comb poly(amic ester)-Poly(propylene oxide) graft copolymers as porous polyimide precursors, E Lebedeva, BS Kesler, and KR Carter

Preparation of ultrahydrophilic surfaces via oxidation reactions of silicon wafer-supported alkylsilane monolayers, JA Lee and TJ McCarthy

Preparation of ultrahydrophobic surfaces using an anodized aluminum oxide membrane as template and their conversion to ultrahydrophilic surfaces, JA Lee and TJ McCarthy

Surface modification of fluorosilane oligolayers on silicon wafers, JA Lee and TJ McCarthy

Crazing in glassy block copolymer thin films, JY Lee and AJ Crosby

Effect of test conditions on the essential work of fracture in polyethylene terephthalate film, ME Light and AJ Lesser

Self-directed self-assembly of nanoparticle/copolymer mixtures, Y Lin, A Boker, JB He, K Sill, HQ Xiang, C Abetz, XF Li, J Wang, T Emrick, S Long, Q Wang, A Balazs, and TP Russell

Nanoparticles at interfaces: From membranes to crack healing, Y Lin, QL Zhang, S Gupta, Q Wang, AC Balazs, T Emrick, and TP Russell

Toward small polymer objects with defined shape and chemistry, ZX Lu and TJ McCarthy

Contact mechanics of a flexible imprinter for photocured nanoimprint lithography, GM McClelland, CT Rettner, MW Hart, KR Carter, MI Sanchez, ME Best, and BD Terris

Compromising toward confusion: The 9/11 commission report and American policy in the Middle East, DM Mednicoff

Modeling polymer crystallization, M Muthukumar


What a wonderful crossroad!, M Muthukumar

Translocation of DNA/RNA and stochastic sensing through protein channels, M Muthukumar and CY Kong

Duplex strand formation using alternating copolymers, H Nakade, MF Ilker, BJ Jordan, O Uzun, NL LaPointe, EB Coughlin, and VM Rotello

Single molecule visualizations of polymer partitioning within model pore geometries, D Nykypanchuk, HH Strey, and DA Hoagland

Fabrication of device nanostructures using supercritical fluids, A O'Neil and JJ Watkins

Langevin dynamics of semiflexible polyelectrolytes: Rod-toroid-globule-coil structures and counterion distribution, ZY Ou and M Muthukumar

Novel amorphous templates for ordered mesostructured films, RA Pai, JJ Watkins, G Bhatnagar, J Testa, and S Agarwal

Synthetic graft copolymers tailored for biology, B Parrish, K Breitenkamp, R Breitenkamp, M Kade, and T Emrick

PEG- and peptide-grafted aliphatic polyesters by click chemistry, B Parrish, RB Breitenkamp, and T Emrick

PEG- and peptide-tailored aliphatic polyesters synthesized by "click" cycloaddition chemistry., B Parrish, RB Breitenkamp, and T Emrick

Polyelectrolytes, L Piculell and M Santore

Simple oligomers as antimicrobial peptide mimics, J Rennie, L Arnt, HZ Tang, K Nusslein, and GN Tew

Molecular modeling of the H-bonds in polyurethane with multiple donors and acceptors, ZY Ren, XG Zeng, XZ Yang, DZ Ma, and SL Hsu

Self-assembly and cross-linking of bionanoparticles at liquid-liquid interfaces, JT Russell, Y Lin, A Boker, L Su, P Carl, H Zettl, JB He, K Sill, R Tangirala, T Emrick, K Littrell, P Thiyagarajan, D Cookson, A Fery, Q Wang, and TP Russell

Dynamics in adsorbed homopolymer layers: Understanding complexity from simple starting points, MM Santore

Polymer based bio-adhesion mimics: Recognition and selection in real time, MM Santore, J Nam, and N Kozlova

Protein spreading kinetics at liquid-solid interfaces via an adsorption probe method, MM Santore and CF Wertz

Ethylene-propylene-POSS elastomers, B Seurer and EB Coughlin

Efficient route to well-characterized homo, block, and statistical polymers containing terpyridine in the side chain, R Shunmugam and GN Tew

Unique emission from polymer based lanthanide alloys, R Shunmugam and GN Tew

Bis-dendritic polyethylene prepared by ring-opening metathesis polymerization in the presence of bis-dendritic chain transfer agents, K Sill and T Emrick

Novel hybrid polymeric materials incorporating carboranes, YC Simon and EB Coughlin

Crosslinked capsules of quantum dots by interfacial assembly and ligand crosslinking, H Skaff, Y Lin, R Tangirala, K Breitenkamp, A Boker, TP Russell, and T Emrick

Synthesis of urea oligomers and their antibacterial activity, HZ Tang, RJ Doerksen, and GN Tew

Incorporation of terpyridine into the side chain of copolymers to create multi-functional materials, GN Tew, KA Aamer, and R Shunmugam

Phenylene ethynylene structures as versatile biomimetic scaffolds., GN Tew, L Arnt, and T Jones

New properties from PLA-PEO-PLA hydrogels, GN Tew, N Sanabria-DeLong, SK Agrawal, and SR Bhatia

New properties from PLA-PEO-PLA hydrogels, GN Tew, N Sanabria-DeLong, SK Agrawal, and SR Bhatia

Characterization of ordered mesoporous silica films using small-angle neutron scattering and X-ray porosimetry, BD Vogt, RA Pai, HJ Lee, RC Hedden, CL Soles, WL Wu, EK Lin, BJ Bauer, and JJ Watkins

Patterned polymer brushes from molded polymer surfaces, TA von Werne, M Beinhoff, EC Hagberg, SB Jhaveri, DY Sogah, CJ Hawker, and KR Carter

Fabrication of sub-45nm structures for the next generation of devices: A lot of effort for a little device, JJ Watkins and DJ Bishop